Frank Jackson's poor leadership, negligence as a leader, and systemic failures cost taxpayers MILLIONS in SETTLEMENTS ANNUALLY..

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 No wonder our schools are neglected; Frank Jackson must be negotiating settlements all day long for the people who have already stood up to win case after case against the City of Cleveland costing taxpayers----MILLIONS OF DOLLARS A YEAR...............why are we paying taxes; so we can sustain the Settlement Package payments being payed to other wronged citizens...............

VOTE FOR KEN LANCI....................CHANGE THIS NIGHTMARE...............and this is just the icing on the cake of settlements hidden in the background of the Frank Jackson regime............let me not get started about all those people who work for the City who've been wronged etc. Cleveland's taxes go up to pay off wronged people; but our schools fail?????????????????Mismanagement, fiscal nightmare, and lots of untold truths hidden from the public at large about abuses that result in settlements.............stop this craziness. 



A simple google (Without records available) shows dozens of lawsuits the City settled during Jackson's tenure... (If you just had a page with those lists-that would be awesome for data to share....) 
Taxpayers would be blown out of the water if they realized the millions in settlements that cleveland pays out for negligence annually. 
March 2013: $13.2 MILLION Settlement for wrongful conviction
May 2013: $750 for Incinerator consultant...
July 2013: $600k:
September 2009: $450k:
March 2006: $650k
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How many settlements, moral claims, etc. does Mayor Jackson pay?

It's extraordinary for us citizens to realize our leadership is constantly settling lawsuits that add up to MILLIONS OF squelch the many wronged persons in our community at large............


Perhaps we should simply take all that money and put it into college funds for the children............give them all a fighting chance at life.............


Remind your friends and family to vote out Frank Jackson by making time for voting.......You can go early to the Board of Elections being October 01, 2013 to get your vote out.................Vote for the alternative to all this wasteful spending from poor leadership. 


VOTE FOR KEN LANCI....................

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Add WC Reed Field to the list

As City of Cleveland tries to use fear mongering and bad science to justify scorched earth - kill the trees - "repurposing" of a beautiful public park.  

Residents signed petition and will pursue legal recourse - if, as planned, City depreciates the 12 acres known as WC Reed Field :

Add the MEDCON to that list of wasted sales tax money

 The MEDCON is finished.    In every sense of the word.  It sits idle. 

2012: $900,000 Settlement against Cleveland Police Vice

In 2012, Attorney Terry Gilbert won a $900,000 settlement for a correctional officer who was attacked by Cleveland Police Vice Unit members while he was patrolling the perimeter of a women's prison. The former officer, Martin Robinson, received various injuries and continues suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. Mr. Gilbert proved that the vice members failed to identify themselves on state property and threatened to shoot Mr. Robinson.





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Cuyahoga County Settlements...another

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Cuyahoga County commissioners on Wednesday approved a $1.5 million settlement with Montgomery Ward, a 30-year-old Cleveland man who was shot in the face during a raid on his home in 2008 by a Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office team.


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NEORSD injuctive relief settlement costs about $3 Billion

NEORSD estimates that the injunctive relief will cost approximately $3 billion. The settlement requires completion of the construction and full implementation of all remedial and control measures by 2035.

Implementation of the CSO control measures will, when combined with existing upgraded controls and work already underway, reduce CSO discharges to approximately 537 million gallons in a typical year, resulting in capture for treatment of over 98 percent of total wet weather flows.

The settlement requires NEORSD to build seven tunnels to store combined sewage until the collection systems and WWTPs can accommodate the flow. In addition to the large tunnel projects, NEORSD will construct a number of storage tanks, upgrade several pump stations, regulators, and relief sewers, and separate sections of its sewer system.

The settlement also requires NEORSD to expand all three of its WWTPs, and construct or upgrade wet weather treatment facilities associated with the plants.

Green Infrastructure

  • The settlement requires NEORSD to use green infrastructure to capture 44 million gallons of CSO discharge in a typical year beyond the CSO reductions that must be met by building gray infrastructure (i.e., storage tunnels).
  • NEORSD has agreed to spend at least $42 million to achieve the 44 million gallon reduction, but if the $42 million investment results in CSO reduction beyond the 44 million gallons, NEORSD can request a reduction in its gray infrastructure requirements equal to the extra CSO reduction it achieves by building green infrastructure.
  • NEORSD can also apply to build additional green infrastructure projects (beyond the $42 million requirement) in exchange for additional reductions of size in the gray infrastructure.
  • NEORSD must prove through demonstration projects, modeling, projections, and otherwise that the green infrastructure will capture sufficient stormwater to achieve the same timing and CSO activation criteria originally required of the gray infrastructure.


Civil Penalty

NEORSD will pay a civil penalty totaling $1.2 million with the United States receiving $600,000 and the State of Ohio receiving $600,000.


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Cleveland Settles with Synergy for Gay Games $475,000

Cleveland Gay Games Lawsuit Settled

Posted by on Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 11:37 AM

A lawsuit brought by the Synergy Foundation against the city of Cleveland, the Federation of Gay Games, and the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission has been settled before heading to trial.

According to Spangle Magazine and the Windy City Media Group, a settlement has been in the works for awhile and has been reached, though terms were not disclosed except for the agreement with Cleveland (because of public records laws) which includes the city paying Synergy $475,000.




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Mayor Jackson's leadership resulted in settling claims $BILLIONS

....Vote for Ken Lanci to stop this insanity for negligence, failures, and much more......

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Moral Claims Settled...add more to these settlements

...but who's keeping track of these settlements????


extraordinary fiscal mismanagement...........




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Double Dippers....cost taxpayers millions....job security-no SOP

Military training 101: No job security....train the trainer....everyone is retrainable/crosstrainable/and replaceable because there are SOP's and guidance for every job description within the regulations....Keep it simple Cleveland....don't make jobs with lifetime security to the select few because they are not training replacements...........retirements don't happen overnight....regulations protecting taxpayers to include preplanning and finding qualified replacements to come in and train with the retirees for a period relative to the position up to a year before the retiree is leaving would still be cheaper than the double dipper stuff going on now. No wonder middle class educated folks are disgusted with not being able to get a foot in the door of a great government position's still all about who you know...........2013...unreal Cleveland.

HOPE for out the old school regime that keeps this unsustainable lifestyle going on...................

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How many settlements can Cleveland taxpayers sustain b4 bankrupt

Seriously; how many times can Cleveland leadership run our town into the ground and how many claims can be settled before our City is bankrupt?


Our taxpayers and residents deserve better...........

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City worker killed in accident today: another settlement soon...

Another sad situation to add to Cleveland's status.........

My heart goes out to this family.

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