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Fraud is a way of life.   The con is always usually smarter than the victim.  Proves Darwin's theory and stuff.
If your boss is doing it, (fraud that is), or your newspaper is doing it, or your pol is doing it,  the only way you'll show you are smarter than your boss, newspaper, or pol is if you do it too, better, and con them.  Sometimes it works well if you go into the con with a bunch of your fellow employees or friends.  You know, work together.
Panhandlers do it in the parking lot above.  Well dressed, well spoken, they will let you rent certain spots for cash. Nice. 
 Pretty convenient.    
I asked the spiffy fellow if, instead of giving him the cash, I could put the cash into one of the Downtown Cleveland Alliance Generocity parking meters.   But the parking attendant told me that the Alliance was also a fraud - that the Alliance had been advertizing the homeless parking meters, but the campaign was all talk - you know - fraudulent advertizing with no metering.
I said W@W, you should tell that to the newspaper.  
The fellow told me he didn't trust the newspaper. 
Because he said he also panhandles at Dave's Supermarket after dinner, and almost every day there are 30 or 40 copies of the newspaper left in the rack.   He told me that the newspaper always over prints because the Neilson - or whatever it is called - rating brings in more ad dollars than the cost to print and throw away the papers. 
Man this guy was pretty keen.  Maybe he was smarter than me?
I wasn’t worried though, I could give out the cash to him for the fraudulent parking space and still be ahead because - I was actually clocked in at work for the County while I was going to watch Wahoo, and I had just bought the tow truck driver a pop. 
That’s why I’m in charge around here.


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