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Submitted by lmcshane on Sun, 06/20/2010 - 13:33.

It was so wonderful today see a young boy at Lincoln Park Pool--slip out of his street bravado to enjoy the water as a child.

He rode up to the pool in his oversized shirt and street clothes and I feared the worse, but he slowly shed the "urban" street look to reveal his wild and colorful swim trunks.  

He respectfully took a shower and stood there for a moment with the water running down his sleek and glistening body.  Eyes closed.  Tranquil.  And, then the boy slowly lowered himself into the water at the edge of the pool, submerged, and reemerged.  Happy, smiling.  FREE.

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Pools do so much to bring community together in the summer, especially during these dog days.

We need to recognize that the City of Cleveland can capitalize on these pools by creating neighborhood identity.  Lincoln Park Pool is so important to the Tremont neighborhood and throughout the City of Cleveland you will find residents who love their pool.

Recently, Councilman Kelley funded the renovation of Loew Pool in Old Brooklyn.  Go there, and you will see residents there who feel good about themselves, because they have a free, fun place to spend the day with family and friends.  It is an intergenerational experience.  Councilman Kelley knows it's a win-win.

It doesn't take much to be a hero in Cleveland.  Make people happy.  It's not that hard to do.

Swimming for Free In Cleve;and


You are SO right about all the wonderful pools we have in Cleveland as well as the picnic tables play sets, and the wide open spaces we have at our rec centers.  I MUST mention Estabrook where they have an inside pool that has gigantic sliding doors so you can enjoy the outside while you are inside.  There is also a great slide and a wading pool for toddlers.  There are AUDLT SWIM times, learn to swim classes, aquasize and ZUMBA for FREE as well as a weight room and Gym time.

One of our assets here in Cleveland is our parks and rec system.  Get out there  and enjoy it during thse dog days.

Volley ball


It was nice to see families enjoying Lincoln Park tonight.  The CPT STEP performance was marred a bit by a conflicting revival in the gazebo, but all things considered--a beautiful night.  One family had set up a volley ball net along with their family picnic.  It's not all gloom and doom in NEO. 

Saw REALNEO's Lily and Guy, too, staked out on the speakers' corner of Lincoln Park. 

Guy has a great hair cut.  He's an uber-male :)


Thanks Gloria--Estabrook used to be the gold standard in Rec Centers.  It went downhill after Mike White.  I have avoided it for awhile.  I will give it another shot in late August.  They should at least keep the water temperature down there while it is hot outside.  Normally, the pool and the locker room is overheated.

Estabrook uned to offer some

Estabrook uned to offer some really good programs for kids.  My son loved the boxing lessons.  Of course, that's been a number of years ago. 

You're right Laura, they always kept the water temperature too hot but again, I haven't been there in years. 

sounds like a fun time

 I have been home dealing with a valve that did not hold during replacement and gushed water yesterday. I still have water in the basement. It sucks being an adult, and I am going to revert back to childhood this week, I will use the pool across the street, or at Lincoln park. Does lincoln park pool have a large area that is shallow for playing? I may even buy a purple popsicle and set on a bench and people watch, walk around and pet the dogs that always come to the park.

Meyer Pool?

Are you across the street from Meyer Pool?  I would like to see the Councilman (Cummins) spend some of our money there.  We have been told no money in the parks and recreation fund.  Why is that?  Also, no money for street repaving. 

Sorry to go off on this.  But, pools and parks make a difference.  And, real services, like street paving.  Again, that sucking sound of dollars leaving the community via the CDC.  BTW, you are getting a whole new crop of folks at Ohio City Development Corporation.  Where does all of our money go??

Also, Lincoln Park has a spray park, but it's not working this summer.  It's the same old story--like the ODOT walls--someone gets a contract, but there's no maintenance with the deal. 

There will be more to reveal on the ODOT story soon in Brooklyn Centre and Tremont--glad to see the Scene follows up on the how the inflated real estate game works in NEO.  Or, as Frank Giglio only knows too well--the stealing game.  Here are the rules: political low-lifes at the City and County levels torture you, steal your land, and give it to a developer, who gets paid an inflated value for the land, when the state comes around to buy it with your tax $$$.  Easy.

(DWebb--you deserve that popsicle--good luck with the house repair )