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The City of Cleveland has torn up Fulton Rd. for close to a year now with the reconstruction of this important north-south artery--why are the electric lines NOT channeled underground as promised? 

Please correct me if I am wrong--but it is my understanding that all major road reconstruction in the City of Cleveland requires trenching the utilities.  Have taxpayers been fleeced again?

rfp vs city promises......

Upon reading the rfp.....the below was requested by the city....so, who promised the electric lines would be channeled underground and when? (is it in city code/ordinance/meeting or somewhere in writing? seems like another failure if there is documentation prior to this rfp that promises underground utilities.....thanks laura for bringing this oversight to the city's attention. good looking out. 




C. Overhead power, communication, sewer, gas, underground power
and communication exist within existing right of way. It is the City
intent to eliminate/consolidate poles on this project. The existing
steel trolley poles on the east side of the road from Trowbridge
Avenue north to Clark Avenue will be removed.
L. Utility (power, telephone, cable) and light poles will be relocated
prior to construction due to alignment and intersection curb return
Request for Proposal (RFP)
Department of Public Service
City of Cleveland, Ohio
Fulton Rd Reconstruction: Denison Ave. to Clark Ave.
improvements and to maintain 18” min and 24” preferred clear
zone from face of new curb. Consultant will be responsible for early
and often coordination with private and public utility companies.
Dominion East Ohio Gas will be replacing their mains prior to
construction. Utility work schedules are required in the form of an
ODOT utility exhibit “B” with the final plans and specifications.
Drainage improvements include removing existing catch basins and
replacing with City standard CB-1. Consultant will calculate spreads
and utilize existing sewer main connections were possible. New
catch basins will be placed in accordance with ODOT L & D Manual
Volume 2 design criteria. Catch basins at side roads within the work
limits will be replaced. Drainage details are required when new
lateral is installed. The main line sewer is owned by WPC.
O. Division of Water: Plugging abandoned water service connections
(approximately 20), adjusting castings and valves, extending and
adjusting service connections, extending, adjusting and replacing
hydrants, as needed and approved by the Division of Water.
P. Division of Traffic Engineering – Traffic Control including but not
limited to seven new signals with mast arms and 3 flashing mode
school crossings, signing and pavement markings (Denison to
Walton). Maintenance of Traffic will be two phases of construction
with various stages. See the attached Scope of Services. Include
cost in Lump Sum Base Fee.
Q. Cleveland Public Power –
Pole consolidation, pole relocation, lighting pole replacement and
vault casting adjustments will be coordinated with CPP. Vault
castings and manhole castings adjustment and or reconstruction
will be in the project plans.
R. Division of Water Pollution Control –
Policy: All new catch basins shall be discharged to the nearest
existing manhole. If no manhole is located close to the catch basin,
the new catch basin location should be adjusted to utilize existing
tee-connections at the main. A new manhole for lateral connections
Request for Proposal (RFP)
Department of Public Service
City of Cleveland, Ohio
Fulton Rd Reconstruction: Denison Ave. to Clark Ave.
is acceptable if the above can not be accomplished. At the side
street curb return, the basin at the PC and PT can be connected in
series with one discharge. All pipes 18” and smaller should be VCP,
C-700 extra strength with premium joints as per ODOT 706.08 and
21” and larger should be RCP with premium joints as per ODOT
706.02. All work should be according to the standards of either the
Division of Water Pollution Control or NEORSD, depending on who
owns that section of the sewer.




G. All underground utilities within the affected work limits need to be
shown in plan and profile and cross section sheets. Also drainage
details will require underground utility information.
H. All overhead utilities within existing right of way and work area
shall be shown on plans with the Pole number and/or ownership.
I. The drainage work shall include:
• New catch basins, as per City standard drawing CB-1, as
outlined in previous sections. Utility information, sewer
profile and elevations are required for area of lateral
Request for Proposal (RFP)
Department of Public Service
City of Cleveland, Ohio
Fulton Rd Reconstruction: Denison Ave. to Clark Ave.
• Catch basin spacing does not to exceed 300 feet.
• Underdrains are to be placed in any location where curb is to
be replaced only if an outlet is available.






Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

City of CLE-failure at all levels

Thanks Dianna--it's so typical of CLE...and we, the humble taxpayers, get the short end, again...not that I should actually READ Roldo* ...but here is his take on construction downtown: http://www.clevelandleader.com/node/18730)

(*since ROLDO mysteriously has no problem with the fact that his buddy Jim Rokakis was either the most criminally inept treasurer we have ever had or the most corrupt)