The future of Garage Band Rock n Roll

Submitted by JonnyChepe on Sun, 12/05/2010 - 12:35.

Whatever happened to the loud and obnoxious garage bands of the 60's? It seems that breed of gutter rock, in your face, call the police street music is dead. There was a time when you could drive through any neighborhood on a summer day and hear some band somewhere playing to the neighbors as though they were big rock stars. I know. I was one of them.

Although music is totally different today, the garage band groups of the 60's were a training ground for the superstars of tomorrow. Now the training grounds are gone and from my point of view so is all of the great new rock music. No one experiments with overdriving amplifiers or new ways to get your guitar to squeel and feed back. Has the addiction to video games or hip hop to pre-recorded music shut down the music innovation of the garage band era? 

Whatever happened to garage bands? Where has all of the great rock n roll music gone?

Staying in tune....

                 Jonny Chepe


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I think a big factor in music today is all the electronics - desktop audio editing and production and computerized instruments and controls seem to move music into bedrooms - and solo - and create a layer of distraction from the group, audience, instruments and creative process - it seems the first requirement now to be a musician is to be a computer geek.

I've been thinking about how to get my kids into playing instruments (they span all ages) and I think they should start as primitive, primal and noisy as possible - I've got a friend to teach them drumming and we'll go from there.

Nothing I'd love more than to hear them screaming away in my garage on some smashed up guitars and amps... my favorite band is Pere Ubu and they've barely left the garage in 30 years

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