Gerrymandering 2013...Ward Boundary Wars in Cleveland....Deprivation of Public Input by Citizens

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angelnward14 post to the link .....gerrymandering again.....what is the key to their choices???? They are attempting to insure that every ward has enough quotas in it to sustain funding practices from HUD for CDBG funds and much's a quota game.... if they screw it up...they lose those big funds which support the Community Development and Neighborhood Stabilization Programs...etc... Ward 14 does have a minority caucasian people are a minority in the ward...(Just my opinion as there were over 80% other than whites living in Ward 14 for over the last decade!) This city has made it an art to disenfranchise; confuse; and gerrymander boundaries at so many's unreal. With the confusion and changes; there's always an excuse as to why our federal funds are steered out of our the time that gets figured out--they change it again and again. It's a political nightmare here....confusion that makes citizens chase their tales and as in this case---denies public input to MAJOR changes in city issues...When are these unethical practices going to end???? NEVER...Cleveland thrives off the hidden agendas that sustain funding by grouping and using citizens and neighborhoods as tools to receive funding which they in turn can steer to their buddies in CDC's etc. Backroom deals at their best....the citizens are nothing but pawns in their political agendas... ....all relevant to their Master Plans for the 2020 Vision of Cleveland at the City Planning Commission....

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Slavery in Cleveland...Public servants using citizens as tools

Pawns---that we citizens become as long as we don't speak up....and when we do--there's tons of underhanded political retaliation right down to our property taxes being changed from approximately $300 a year to over $2,000/ that's truly extraordinary! WOW.............

Keep steering people out of the'll soon have your public parks and housing stock diminished for your 2020 Vision of Cleveland via the Master Plans outlined in the City of Cleveland Planning Commission....

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Ward 14 update- from Henry Senyak

Good Evening:
Sorry in sending out this email this late, I had ISP trouble with the storms.
But it seems like some great news hopefully. Councilman Cimperman sent me a map see attached. It is the newest and latest proposal from the Consultant for the changes in Ward 14.
It will have to have some changes to the adjoining Wards too which you can see for yourselves that Tremont (old Ward 14 - Cummins part of Tremont) will now stay as voted on previously and stay in the new Ward 3 Councilman Cimperman. This takes away the chance at this time for Tremont to have three council reps.
I also received a call from City Council President Martin Sweeney. He confirmed to me and also in a call to Cory from TWDC that as of now it looks very promising that Tremont will only be split between Ward 12 and Ward 3. Council President Sweeney wanted to thank us for raising all of our concerns.
The map attached splits Brooklyn Centre back into half as it has been for the last four years. This was actually Councilman Cummins idea at the Committee of the Whole the day the new Ward maps were passed. But per Council President Sweeney swapping some territory in the Clark Storer neighborhood and a few more block west of West 25th south of I-90 back into Ward 14 has pushed the Hispanic core Ward to 39.6% which is very close to the voter regulation thresholds, yes it is still under what it was several years ago but at least a significant effort was taken into consideration and Tremont is saved from having a threesome.
Henry P. Senyak
Tremont Resident
( I was unable to open the entire attached map)

Would this be of any interest, help?