Gospel of the Day: the late Robert Blair & The Fantastic Violinaires singing "Old Time Religion"

Submitted by Keith Winston on Mon, 02/08/2010 - 15:29.

Just give me that old time religion - it doesn't get better than this..... Gospel of the Day: the late Robert Blair & The Fantastic Violinaires singing "Old Time Religion"

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                    This is truly the temptations of gospel. where are they? have they been forgotten? this performance need to be on every gospel dvd commercial there is. The sound and style alone is anointed and original. WHAT!!!!!!!!!! NO STELLA OR GRAMMY? they have hits. and did I mention there are legends in this group that don't even get mentioned. Like Robert Blair, and Isaah "LilShot" Jones. They also pushed stars along there way, such as The late great Wilson Pickett, and the powerful lead singing Dennis Edwards of the temptations. [BLESSINGS].

Kieth - any Cleveland gospel greats

Where are they now? Besides yourself, where are the other living Violinaires, what have they been doing since Blair died (RIP), and are they recording still? Touring?

What is the gospel scene like in Cleveland now - do we have any great old timers here - any rising stars? What goes down in all those huge, crowded churches in Cleveland... anyone rocking the house?

Can we get some original real NEO gospel footage down for realneo?... find that real NEO religion?

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The Political Gangster                 

                              Well, The Violinaires where stunned of coarse. But the group is so anointed we had to keep singing. The violinaires have a new cd out now called REVIVED. And the group is currently singing praises. As for myself I'm still singing also getting set to record some very uplifting gospel music. And also spread the word in the streets person to person, face to face we need this. There is so much rising talent in Cleveland because alot of singers have either got too old, or died{RIP} but if we get behind these new upcoming groups, and choirs we will continue to have that Old Time Religion. So stay tunned for some floor stomping gospel footage right here on Real Neo. [BLESSINGS]