Greek wealth disparity - could be the shot heard 'round the globe

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 10/28/2012 - 18:25.

Image from BBC

The distribution of wealth is not just an issue here in the US, with Occupy pointing out that there is a "1%" who operate in another atmosphere here in the USA>   

Because Corporations are Global, the 1% (actually much less than 1%) will soon/do now reign financially in every country.  

Let's take Greece:   Nice country with a long history on the Med.   Very spectacular.  Great food. But owes a wheelbarrow of money to Germany, et al. 

How about it?

Are there Greeks which have been working the system?   

Just like wealthy folks here in the USA.  

Off shore.

Swiss amnesty (people think this is why Romney would not release more than a few tax returns - if he released more it would show he obtained IRS amnesty for his Swiss bank account).

But the revolution will soon be global, because money is capable to transit. 

Hat tip to Mr. Vaxevanis for doing his job in releasing the names of those Greeks who were banking their money out of sight. 

MR. Vaxevanis you are welcome to set up a Realneo'll fit right in!

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