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A little bit of good news from those who do good things.....
Thank you Gund Foundation..

The George Gund Foundation has contributed $4 million to the Fund for Our Economic Future.

The Fund is in its third phase of trying to boost the region's economy through collaboration with local foundations, corporations and individuals. The Fund's trustees contributed a total of $5.5 million to the organization at their September meeting.

The Gund Foundation had contributed $3.3 million to the Fund in its second phase, but decided to increase its support significantly in the third phase due to the recession, said David Abbott, executive director of the Gund Foundation.

"We felt the need is greater than ever for the Fund and its work to continue not just because of the long-term economy, but for the transformation we're undertaking" due to the recession, he said.

Mr. Abbott said the Fund has made great strides to improve the local economy but it has a long way to go and cannot complete the task alone. As a result, he said the Fund will concentrate on involving even more people, foundations and corporations in its work.
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About the Fund

The Fund collaborates with others in the 16-county region to improve the region's economic competitiveness in four priority areas:

* Business Growth & Attraction
* Talent Development
* Growth Through Racial & Economic Inclusion
* Government Collaboration & Efficiency

Launched in February 2004, more than 100 foundations, organizations and individuals have contributed more than $55 million to the Fund. Outcomes of the Fund's work can best be seen in the companies that are being assisted by our major grantees. Get a look at the future of Northeast Ohio's economy.

The Fund is in its second, three-year phase of work. In Phase 2, the Fund is collaborating with partners in the public and private sectors to implement Advance Northeast Ohio, the region's economic action plan.



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This info was posted on the

This info was posted on the Ohio City Yahoo group today.  Notice the four priorities mentioned.  Do you read anything about schools, do you read anything about job or vocational training, do you read anything about environmental clean up of the city we live in, do you read anything about bringing jobs to the 16 county regions, do you read anything about fixing our roads, what about hospital insurance or medical care? 

Anybody want to take a guess what government collaboration & efficiency might be?

Cleveland Foundation, Gund Foundation, NPI, are all in the same bucket and Cleveland State (Levine College - Urban Affairs) is a training ground for urban soldiers to be turned loose on small neighborhoods - nothing short of organized gang activity in white shirts and ties.


Jerlean, is there a way to

Jerlean, is there a way to contact the Gund Foundation and the other Foundations to let them know what neighborhoods need?  Maybe they are unaware of the major needs of very poor areas?  How would they know if they do not live here?  How can they care if they don't know? 

I think it would be better for all involved if we can find a way to work together instead of working against each other.  Just because people have money it does not mean they are the  bad guys. 


I'm planning to contact the Gunds about this

I grew up friends with members of the Gund family, our families are still in touch, and I am conducting my analysis of the impact of Foundations here for them.

Help me explain to them our problems with the Foundations here, and how to fix them.

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I look forward to the next three phase nine year plan

I am not a fan of the Fund For Our Economic Future or the support of The Gund Foundation for that... after nearly six years, I do not see much value beyond supporting Ronn Richard's sweet-spot, Bio-Science.  I believe, the opportunity cost of FFOEF far outweighs any benefits.

I look forward to the next three phase nine year plan, after our leadership tires of FFOEF...

Fund For Our Economic Salvation?!?! A partnership with the Catholic Church, to bail them out next?

I no longer see a difference between any of the Foundations here, since Ronn Richard and FFOEF came to town.

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This is your NEO on FFOEF

I think a good business is

I think a good business is that of security, I used to think that if I had new window installed on my home I would like those windows to have mutton bars that were reinforced with metal.

Clean, Safe and Secure.

Thats all cost money, but living in the city is easier if you know your not going to come home to a ransacked home.

Each home and then what needs to be done, but the thing is if the ideal is light years out of reach then it’s a matter of what you can afford.

I think we have it all wrong, the ideal space meets the needs of the individual. It’s is a function of income and related to obligations and debts.

The ideal home uses less energy, it is also in turn safer if it is secure. It cleaner if it designed to be easy to maintain.

Based on income what you can afford, I am telling you it is a matter of flooding the market with low cost housing.

If I was to submit an application for housing then a list should be created, these are all your options based on your qualifications.

Getting educated, saving money, paying of the debt would change the list, it would alter the results.

My god it is all related to the cost of living as a function, the total cost and all the parts of that.

The supply chain is industry, the costs are relative, all the things that go into it derived locally.

If you want security then put cameras on ever street corner and then monitors in ever squad car.

I say you are either green or red….if you are green it mean you meet the criteria if not then you have list, the list is all defined and the approach to that as well. It may be a list of alternative that are green for you or a personal path you could take to become green.

Green is all about meeting or exceeding the metrics, you are basically covering all your obligations, you are not subsidized. If your red then something is not correct and that is clearly defined and all your option to correct that as well. It not a mater of ultimatums it a matter of offering solution and path to them. It not about giving its about getting access and the methods to get access.

It as simple as needed a job, then it’s a matter of being clearly defined in skills and abilities.

The modern home; as you walk away the key chain should signal to the home you are away. Then it goes into energy saving mode, it also arms itself. Ever person in the home has the keys so if one is still in the home it know that, when they leave then it also knows that.

The home is a function it has costs, it consumes kilowatts and Metric feet of fuel, it consumes water and sends of wastes. All these are costs, the commute to and from are costs all related to the cost of living as a function.

Combining incomes is cohabitation, having children are legal liabilities, they change the costs of living.

If I want a child then if I have one will it change my rating from green to red? How can I correct that? What are my options?

If I am seeking housing, then I could add variable, access to green space or no obligation to maintain, some could come with maid services. All should have washers and driers that are highly energy efficient in the units and all heating and cooling should be in each unit of housing and assigned to a housing unit.

I mean if you only work at McDonald and for twenty hours a week, then all you get is cube. If you have children then the cube has racks. Seriously and the cube is clean safe and secure…and sound proof! Want more….then here are you option increase your hours, increase you value though education and training.

We should have early child care centers, they should be mentoring and teaching. We also should have food banks that offer low cost healthy food and menu planners, even low cost healthy carryout.

If you see a job and enter that job into your personal function…it may tell you that will change you to green or may tell you that will make you red. Then people will not take the job, it will make it competitive. Some may be content just getting to green, obviously for many it will be a struggle, problem is today they do not even understand how it all works and have no clue how to make it work.

All this in one repository of data, you enter it you control it, nobody needs to see it but you. I can be all managed in the banks, if we had enough sense to see that. All the income should go into an account then all you obligation meet, the goal is not profit it’s a high propensity of excess!

Yes and part of the cost of living is insurance, the just in case fund. In case you are disabled incase you die, incase you get fired, incase you get sick. Then it also includes a pension fund because at some time you have to retire.

The banks crashed because people insisted in living beyond their needs and abilities. Who you are and what you do and real values. Throw in a purchasing card and illegal trade disappears, how can you be spending more than you make?