Guy, Powerless

Submitted by Jeff Schuler on Thu, 02/25/2010 - 23:23.

Questministries called me at 6pm -- said his electricity had gone out 30 minute prior, and he asked that I post here for him.

He's on Cleveland Public Power: said he and Yogi had already called CPP, and also spoken with Councilman Cimperman's office -- that it was known there were folks on Professor without power, too, but that was the first they'd heard from Brayton.

He reminded me that there are many elderly and handicapped in his neighborhood, and was worried that the powers-that-be weren't being...

I, <gulp>, got sidetracked by work and forgot to post, then left for an engagement... remembered on the way home. His phone line was-and-is busy, busy, busy, so I stopped by, 11pm. All lights in his house out except a little electric-lit cross in the window -- a good sign if it's not battery-powered -- and the houses around him with lights on. I shouted for him but nothing.

CPP tells me they had a cable fault over there, and that power had been restored hours ago...

Anyone heard from Guy/Yogi?

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jeff power back at 7;30pm- we could have froze by time you post

 guy powerfull- jeff  power back at 7:30pm- we could have froze by the  time you posted 5 and half hours- no guilt  thanks jeff -jeffs great he asked if we needed a warm place to come to his jenitas home

yogi and guy

no guilt

Guy, if anyone has the survival skills down it is you. Remember, bricks on the burners. Keep some handy. I was without heat last week for 3 days trying my simple do it yourself repair (rescued by a technician in the end). As you say: what doesn't kill you in the end will make you stronger.