Guy's House

Submitted by Jeff Schuler on Fri, 03/20/2009 - 22:04.
Guy's House

Home of Quest Ministries...

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quest ministering

Guy sent me some pictures of his house.

He wanted to say something to about saying some things...

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I love GUY

  But he may want to reconsider his political support for Cimperman, Kucinich and Jackson...


Round I Love You Pill Box
this was about 2 years ago - when the city of  cleveland convention bueal (spelling) toke this photo and posted it on their photo site-
since as karam would have it franks and joe
signs have blown away-
replaced with-
"stop iraq war - no iran war - impeach" -  "mittal steel clean up for real" -
"save  our fire station 21 call the mayor action
line 664-2900"  -  "county onsbudam (spelling) 696-2710"  -  "dennis" - " homeless grapevine newspaper $1.00"-
if anyone  has any signs that they want me to show drop em off-
freedom of speech-
imagine all homes posted with freedom of speech signs
also on fences or in yard on land-
Round I Love You Pill Box i love you
yogi guy

all  signs are u.s. supreme court protected -