Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Fri, 12/31/2010 - 22:45.

Happy New Year Everyone! 

While the impatience of my daughter's childhood counts the seconds until the New Year while watching the Dick Clark New Year's Eve Time Square Ball drop.....I think back over a long year of many amazing moments...and I remember the words of my father earlier this evening as he spoke so philosophically about a brighter, more beautiful, better, and hopeful 2011 ahead...

Last year, the realities of corruption being revealed seemed ugly and depressing to most-but seeing the truth revealed about the unethical practices of our local public servants and their extraordinary underground network of collusion, corrosion, and collectively corrupt participants was like having Christmas over and over again.

The only thing better ahead could be the continued disruption to corruption by highly ethical public servants who refuse to watch the public be violated another year! 

Looking forward to a wonderful 2011! May God Bless All! Keep up the great efforts everyone who works behind the scenes to disrupt a world of abusive practices! My salute and hugs to you all! 

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  Thank you to you Dianna, Lily, Guy and the extended REALNEO voices that give me HOPE that we can build a better NEO. 

Accountability is not so hard--but looking beyond ourselves is hard. 

I wish for a more generous spirit in 2011.  And, as boring as it is to the human race--I really think we are hard-wired for conflict--I wish for PEACE.

Message from "Angelnward14"....

She is fine and misses everyone....she will be back as soon as she can...lots of love and peace to all!

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