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Life is what we make of it. Fun is a matter of opinion. My friends used to say: "GO HAVE FUN!"

So, I'd go research, learn, and share as much as possible...

They said, "Go have fun!" I attended community forums, starting sharing the information, and working to unite our citizens about the issues at hand. 

They said, "Go have fun!" I investigated the truth, cared about others who were down on their luck, and inspired others to speak out about the truths of so many social injustices.

They said, "Go have fun!" I began to challenge the elected officials about their corruption, I ran for a public office, and I valiantly spoke about the "ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM" of Social Injustice at every forum I could attend. 

They said, "Go Have Fun!" and I in turn regurgitated all of the years of social injustices on my family in this forum, surrounded myself with other truth seekers, and found a sense of community that can never be taken away from me.

They said, "Go Have Fun!" So, I went to church, prayed, and surrounded myself with unconditional love, respect, and support from others.

They said, "Go Have Fun!" So, I went to AA Meetings to thank all the people who struggle with Addiction for working on their recovery needs as their families love them so very much  and I pray that no other child has to lose their parent to death from detoxing from alcoholism. 

They said, "Go Have Fun!" So, I went to the Curbside Cafe and surrounded my self with kind, loving, and charismatic people who are genuine, considerate, and compassionate beyond words.

They said, "Go Have Fun!" So, I took my child to Edgewater Park and let her play in the park, run wild in the grass, and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

They said, "Go Have Fun!" So, I sat quietly, watching the world pass me by, observing the connections, and started connecting the dots of corrupt practices.

They said, "Go Have Fun!" So, I spent quality time playing pinochle with my family.

Ultimately, I have had lots of fun doing the right thing...being real, and putting my life on the line for the greater good of humanity in our community at large.

Finally, after years of living in fear, after years of being stepped on, after years of having my rights violated, and after years of eating crap over the unethical, collusive, and systematic abuses county wide-I have found a sense of understanding about the big picture that has collectively annihilated the American Spirit of so many folks-cornering them without options, and leaving them devastated, defenseless, and discouraged.

I have found my spirit revitalized, rejuvenated, and empowered by "HAVING FUN!" 

Thanks to all of my friends and family who constantly thought I should be having fun instead of enjoying these challenges of life.

Thanks to my supporters for their faith, endurance, and encouragement.

Thanks to the other dogooders who made this undertaking so much fun and inspired me to keep on when I thought about returning to the military active duty.

Thanks for everything! Understand that having fun is a matter of opinion...and while I respect others who "party" for fun...I expect you to respect that I am a different breed of human being and I enjoy life from a sobering perspective...May God Bless! 


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Great post

You are one of the smartest people I know, Dianna.  Great post :)