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cleveland water department jersey barriers across drive lane coventry and north park cleveland heights ohio

Life is dangerous enought without one of your municipal service departments throwing  a random "heads up!" challenge at you - the unsuspecting driver.    These Jersey Barriers were installed by the Cleveland Water Department about 10 days ago in the east bound lanes of North Park at the corner of Coventry.  (The Department replaced a valve(?) at this location.)

Try this road at night!  

The concrete barriers have no blinking lights, there is no warning signage while coming up North Park - so if the light at Coventry is green you can meet these barriers at about 35 mph.   The sole reflector is on the silly plastic cone which is mostly hidden behind the concrete barrier.  If you choose not to hit the concrete barriers head-on, the alternative is to swing into the oncoming traffic and have a head-on there  (Balanced choice).   The yellow "UTILITY WORK AHEAD" sign is behind the concrete barriers - so it is false advertizing.

This situation is a fatality waiting to happen.  NO JOKE!   Could be you, your sister, or your neighbor.  

Stay alert!  Don't get hurt!  Your Cleveland Water Department is determined to keep you on your  toes.....

Seriously, who  is in charge of constructon related hiway safety at the Cleveland Water Department?

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Bad enough

  That intersection is bad enough in broad daylight.  I hope this gets attention soon.  Thanks for the heads up.

I pass through this

I pass through this intersection almost daily, often at rush hour and I agree -- its really dangerous! Everyday I can't believe that they have left things in this state another day. The first day they started work I thought the inadaquate signage and treacherous, hard to see barriers were  just the result of an emergency job, but, as you say, its been at least 10 days. 

there yesterday gone today ...

I noticed this morning about 9 am the road was fixed and the contrete baracade was gone.