Obama's Healthcare - too late for Ed Hauser

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 10/12/2009 - 12:57.

Ed Hauser at Cuyahoga Port Authority Philip Nervi Church cleveland ohio image jeff buster

Ed Hauser is a perfect example of why we need to fund public health care in the US.   Ed volunteered hours, days and months  of his time and energy to promote good public governance in North East Ohio.   But with no "employer", Ed had no health care insurance.

He didn't call for an ambulance when he felt chest pains.   He didn't want to run up a huge bill.  

The image is from February 18, 2008 when the Port Authority went through one of their "move the port to E55th" dog and pony shows at Philip Neri Church in Cleveland.   Ed usually didn't believe what the Port said.   The Port sketches Ed is handing out showed that the Port still had not abandoned plans for limestone stockpiles at Whiskey Island. 

Our publicly paid liars have health insurance.   Guys like Ed who spoke the truth don't. 


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I'm not dead, but still...I'm just like Ed


You make an excellent point.  How do we as a nation provide a level playing field for all our citizens, not just the ones in corporate positions or deeply entrenched in political cronyism?

I'm not dead, but like Ed, I too have no employer.  And my in own spirit of service, I too have given hundreds, if not thousands of hours of my time and expertise advocating for a variety of essential human service efforts including fine art, digital literacy and architectural preservation.

Not getting paid will never stop me from doing the work that needs to--must be done, and yet what does Ed and now my scenario say about our supposed democratic meritocracy, when someone like me can't even afford to buy himself a new pair of shoes or a plane ticket to visit a sick and dying relative that lives in another state?

I'm not homeless and the house I live in is not in foreclosure.  So I'm grateful for the quality of life I do have, because it most certainly could be worse.  HOWEVER, when a person like myself puts in 70+ hours a week, working not just for my own selfish means, but in large part for others too, also helping to care for an elderly mother and a partially crippled brother, why shouldn't I be afforded healthcare--money to go out on a nice date--a new pair of walking shoes--a needed winter coat--or a downpayment on a new car?

I"m not a felon.  I don't do drugs.  I've never cheated on my taxes.  I participate in elections.  So, why do I--as did  Ed in his own life--have to suffer the depravity of not having healthcare (or any of the other essentials) while living in the land of plenty--treated like a throwaway?

It's not right.  It's not fair and it's definitely not democracy!


greed kills ...

It is absolutely sick that in a city like Cleveland that promotes itself as a global center for excellent medical care, with several world class hospitals and probably more than 5,000 doctors and nurses, that anyone should die for lack of medical treatment. I don't think the Hippocratic Oath or any of its modern versions mention saving/preserving life for those who can pay the bill. 

greed is the plain and simple reason that so many go with out health care and so many pay excessively for the health care that they do have.

Our government can spend decades blundering through revamping our health care system, but until more Americans are willing to put people before profit, use what they need and not more, and take more responsibility for their health we won't see any significant improvement in health care in America. There are many things that we can do right now, for example more medical professionals could donate some of their high priced time to make medical care more affordable for those who do not have health insurance  -- at least until our government can come up with a solution to America's health care crisis.

don't forget education

 its key... and the Cleveland system sucks.

RIP Ed Hauser


Whose Side is Sen. Voinovich On?
Come to an important health care rally in Cleveland

Where: Federal Office Bldg., sidewalk outside of Sen. Voinovich's office (in Cleveland)

When: Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009, at 11:45 AM


What: It's time to call Senator Voinovich out for his position on the public option. We'll release a new report detailing how much Sen. Voinovich has gotten in contributions from insurance and health special interests—the same interests that oppose the public option.