The Heart of Poetry

Submitted by lmcshane on Wed, 02/02/2011 - 22:10.



The gift we bestow in sharing
a stranger's sorrow are the

reasons we love, why the stars
are illuminated by kindness.

With each breath I get closer
to that distant star that is you.
In our lifetime a thousand years
is but one heart beat.

Earth--a place marked with
an x where we both met.


copyright 2009 Vladimir Swirynsky


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thank you, Vladimir

  for putting life into perspective...poets are good at that :)

looking for the right thing to say--call a poet : Vladimir Swirynsky Author-Poet-Publisher



I just love good reading...thank you for posting this was just what I needed on this cold icy night. 



Realneo has empathy

One focus that is pretty constant here on Realneo is concern about others.  

Empathy has its quiet reward.    Like milk for cats.

Making life better for others.  A tought task  usually without announced appreciation.

Thanks imcshane