Hemp: Plant of the Gods

Submitted by Eternity on Tue, 06/09/2009 - 11:10.



In our troubled economy, with environmental concerns growing every day, perhaps it's time for America to look to hemp; a plant we once relied upon -- a plant that can change the world.

The biodegradable hemp plant is non-toxic, and can be used for fuel, clothing, textiles, cosmetics, paper and building materials. It also makes a wonderful substitute for plastics, with one company in particular, ZEO International, already at the forefront of developing this sector in manufacturing.

Hemp also has medicinal qualities, and it should be noted that George Washington Carver, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were all proponents of hemp.

A natural alternative to toxic petrochemicals, hemp is a hearty plant that is easily grown and harvested. So along with solar, wave, thermal and wind, now is the time to reconsider hemp. For if we are ever  to become truly energy independent, we must be willing to logically embrace every available natural resource within our reach.

Incorporating the hemp plant into the American and Global economies will create millions of new jobs while also de-stressing our environment; leading to a sustainable green economy for America and the world.

Rope and Knots

  How timely--I have a program tomorrow to discuss the wonderful world of knots and hitches :)

You are so right!

This has been such a corrupt county for so long - let's see if Obama gets this right.

I propose NEO lead the national movement to bring this important, safe crop back into the mainstream in America.

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