Space SHTF? 148 Fireballs Reported Today! Meteor Shower! Huge Asteroid Over North Africa Videos -Warning! solar storm 9-11 July

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Info from Tom - Just when we thought there was a slow down in this fireball phenomenon Space Weather reports 148 fireball sightings just today. Could this be a Meteor Shower before a large Impact Event? Time will tell but let’s hope not. With everything going on in the mainstream media I always tend to feel like we are being distracted in times like these. Please Share so others can be aware to discern their own preparedness plan for themselves and their family. Thanks for taking your time to watch and supporting this channel.


148 Fireballs Last Night (Huge Asteroid North Africa)




Warning! Monster Coronal Hole Faces Earth – Solar Storms Watch in Effect for the 9-11 July (Video) Radio Blackout?  Click Here

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