hi tom-commander stacho - all - crime alert - 753 brayton crime family etc. - will email-upload video

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(update - gdh 9262 or goh is plate for black vehicle - 4-11-2015) hi tom - all - crime alert - 757 brayton criminal family gang - next door - april 4, 2015  about 5:pm to about 5:45 pm - have video of a 2 dr red new vehicle in 757 brayton drive way with only a back plate gog 5657 and its a back plate

and across the street from 757 b. a 4 dr. black vehicle with a star in the rear window - with the same plate gog 5657 on the back and its a front plate - i have video of same vehicle with a military veterans plate -will see number - parked same place a few times before and same driver -

with 2 males - one said black vehicle driver - and a female out side by vehicles - and back and forth from 757 b.

and daniel admire driving a ford focus silver 4 dr. plate no.glv 7350 - which evidently is his girl friends vehicle which normaly has a plate no.ffj 8949 - that is parked in 757 b.drive or street alot

they drove away a few minutes later after sophia and me came home from walk as sophia barked and reared up at the male by the black car as he came towards us in the middle of brayton

i called the non-emergency police and told the dispatcher hero  the same and back ground of 757 b. and told her their gone and she said the police have to be there and we can't chase them -

 eternal thanks - cheers - sophia and guy

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