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Home Rule in Cleveland, Ohio gives powers to the local municipal leaders that provides minimal oversight by the "State" Government.

Despite the 2009 controversial Supreme Court decision that stepped all over "HOME RULE" when Cleveland cops were finally allowed to move out of the City limits; most of our city residents are unaware of the entire understanding of what exactly "HOME RULE" is all about.

The Ohio Constitution Chapter 18 adopted on September 3, 1912 states: 

§ 18.07 Home rule [ View Article Table of Contents ]


Any municipality may frame and adopt or amend a charter for its government and may, subject to the provisions of section 3 of this article, exercise thereunder all powers of local self-government.

The City of Cleveland, Ohio has established a charter and created its own set of laws (codified ordinances). The only way to change them is by creating an ordinance, resolution, or amendment that is approved by the people.

Yet, don't let City Council  devoid that new legislation by sweeping it under the rug...As there are other ways to get it put on the ballot for the people to vote on it... Petitions with registered voter signatures can put it on the general ballot. Let the people of our community vote on things.

Ultimately, our leadership has become entrenched in creating "laws" that ultimately violate the public at large by creating a 'big business' through our local city government.  They can create a fine, fee, and various offenses for our residents rather readily.

What a racket that this "big business" has become locally when you slice it and dice it. It's astonishing to realize that our people are pawns in the local "HOME RULE METHODOLOGY".

Do the residents get sent a master handbook of "City of Cleveland Codified Ordinances? Do they get trained on it in school? Do they get taught their rights in our local school system? Years ago, 8th Grade was "OHIO HISTORY" year in school and "GOVERNMENT" was taught in 12th Grade. Statistically, our local teens have a high drop out rate that actually limits further results in even less people having a basic awareness of general concepts of this nature. 

Who protects the people's rights? How many citizens know how to effectively petition to change the laws locally without the help of a council person or lawyer? 

I am in receipt of a letter that cites that the City of Cleveland is under Home Rule and it had been created by the voters choice in local legislation. The State of Ohio Attorney General reminds us that we must go to our local police, sheriff, Mayor or prosecutors for "OVERSIGHT" to the criminal conduct in Cleveland City Hall... Basically, the Attorney General is "On their side".

Once again, no matter what's going on in our City; we the Citizens are basically terrorized under a set of "Home Rule" laws that have ben created to protect the corrupt! 

Shall I list this under my "JOKES" article? It appears to be the best comedy I have had all week... None of these politically elected folks want to step on the City Hall regime locally! There's going to come a point when the citizens revolt from such infiltrated, corrupt, and unscrupulous activities by elected public officials locally...

What will the city do then? They'll make a new law to have everyone labeled crazy & turn them into more quotas and then they'll run amock some more!!!

Are the citizens of Cleveland a bunch of pawns for the local leadership, or what?  Meanwhile, the regime runs around like they are invincible! Well, City of Cleveland Voters...have you had enough? Is it time to ABOLISH the City of Cleveland Charter and start anew? 

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Is it time to eradicate HOME RULE in Cleveland?

Is our local government protecting the public at large or using them as quotas???? 

Big government business in Cleveland leads to less private business in Cleveland...lots of profiteering not for profits lead the way as an industry... but when the quotas move away---how can these industries survive? 





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