Homeland Security Employs Imagination Outsiders Help Devise Possible Terrorism Plots - "The Fifth Assassin" - Brad Meltzer

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The Fifth Assassin(HOMELAND SECURITY READS REALNEO.US COOP) - "When I got the call, I was floored," said Brad Meltzer, the author of several successful Washington thrillers, recalling his talk with the Homeland Security official who recruited him. "They said, 'We want people who think differently from the ones we have on staff.' "

He declined to say what scenario his session focused on -- like other participants, he had to sign a nondisclosure agreement. But Meltzer said among the participants in his session were a psychologist, a philosopher, a professor of Middle Eastern terrorism and employees of the CIA and FBI.

Red Cell has finished 10 reports this year, and six more are being prepared -- quickening the pace of reports in its first months of operation last year. Homeland Security officials provided only vague descriptions of a few of their topics.





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