Homelessness - USA's dirty big secret - hypocritically take the census in the middle of winter

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Image from HUD

New York City just conducted it's census of homeless people in the first half of February, 2016.   Mayor deBlasio walked down a few alleys in support of the census.    Other large metro areas across the USA also conduct their annual homeless persons census in the middle of the winter.   


What's wrong with this picture?  

 If you wanted to take a census of, say, a living thing like flowering plants, would you undertake that census count in the middle of winter while the flowering plants were invisible under the snow?  or would you take that census in the spring or summer when the flowering plants would be visiable?


Finding out that there are lots and lots of homeless people around you is about the stupidest data you would ever want to collect.     Your Chamber of Commerce doesn't want to know, your local politicians don't want to know, your local real estate developers don't want to know...who does want to know?

With not wanting to know as your goal, what protocals would be best to put in place?    

1st:    Don't have any consistent across-the-country data collection software or system.    Check!    HUD does not have any consistent data collection software or system, instead having every community do their own thing.

2nd:    Don't conduct the census in weather when you are most apt to locate and count the honest number of homeless people.   Check!   Cold metro areas take your count in January or February - Los Angeles and Honolulu - sorry about your weather situation.  

Note that the USA also does not keep any data base which accurately records police killing of civilians.     Why is that?


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Kill United Way

From Mitchell Paul:

This story not being told by local journalists... The recent stories about United Way ceo Bill Kitson resigning are ludicrous in thier incompleteness. Also MARK Hogan tech vp was recently fired for stealing computers... Used to work for city at airport.. And school district... And Cleveland city council... 
Big time lag from discovery of thefts.. To firing... To calling police (reluctantly) and now almost 4 months later no indictments.... Bizarre protection racket running at highest levels. 
Also these thefts...

Alert the future prosecutors of these crimes overlooked... Deliberately by the perps pimps.
That group includes journalists and editors,nonprofit leadership and elected officials. 
More lies from Plain Dealer... Here is the problem they won't discuss. Protecting Armond Budish... : weco fund was a former cleveland microlender[nonprofit ein #34-1439659 if you wish to look up the public 990 irs forms every charity submits]that closed mid 2012. Spread the gospel of Wealth Education and financial literacy. The charismatic and brilliant PHD certified financial planner has hundreds of millions of assets in her trusts and investments according to her website. Elisabeth Plax also has Armond and Amy Budish investments according to the New York times also ms Plax is frequently on Armond Budishs tv show Golden Opportunities[oppurtunities to defraud the elderly i am afraid]. Elisabeth Plax should be able with such great credentials be to answer the following problem regarding the stolen 45,000$ she was resposible for as the president of weco funds board of trustees. United Way gave weco fund two grants totalling over 157,000$ in 2012. ....that same year weco fund claimed 112,000$ in income from grants!!!!! Elisabeth Plax has not denied to me that she has stolen these funds! Now it gets even more interesting as one might suspect United Way might be concerned about the missing monies...they knew about. from Bill Kitson ceo of united way"i do remember this situation,we stopped funding immediatly upon my understanding there was a problem with the agency. While it is fair to ask what happened to the money,it is unlikely we will ever find out" That is assured if no one looks ...and the Plain Dealer and other news organizations will NOT LOOK. United Way also failed to report the thefts. United Way claims to carefully track the grants they make to make sure they are properly spent...an obvious lie. Also a huge amount of bad loans were made....probably made with no intention of repayment to coconspiritors.Please some real journalist look at this huge fiasco being hushed up to prevent embarassment and prosecution of these powerful theives!!

The latest 990 report from United Way if filed yet(it's on website, not yet on guidestar) in section 6 checks no if there was a problem significant diversion of assets... Monies were stolen. Michael HEADON has not responded to email... Or Bill Kitson who has admitted the diversion... Why not call it theft


These are Lee Fisher and Ratner Miller protected entities.... Rich Democrats stealing from the poor.....