sammy catania files motion to expunge record assaulting-menacing - guy templeton black - community activist journalist pastor

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dear judge angela stokes, barbara langhenry, law dept., victor perez, ashley garrett, prosecutor, - kenneth kochevar , probation, cleveland, ohio
faxed (216) 664-6737 - 664-2663 - 664-4399 - 664-4267 - 2 pages - 2-7-2012
reference: case no.2010 crb 031770 - sammy catania, defendant, motion to expunge - hearing date - 2-12-2012 - 2 pm -
i guy templeton black, age 71, as the complainant for assault and menacing hereby notifies you that i will not be able to attend said hearing per subpoena because of my physical condition -
i sued mr. catania for assaulting and menacing me causing pain, suffering, injuries, case no. cv-11-759074, judge sheehan, court of common pleas, cuyahoga county, and it was settled -
and as far as i know mr. catania, hasn't caused any more trouble for me and some other folks in tremont, that are community activist, advocating aganist racism, corruption, gentrification, and he has taken anger management  courses and if he is treating the poor, disadvantaged, middle class, better - that aren't involved with the pay to play system - that mr. catania favored - in my opinion -
as mr. catania acted like a mob gangster, as my video proved as he assaulted menaced me - plea bargined that i agreed to agravated disordely conduct and in his postion as a semi public figure as the development director, for tremont west development corporation - and at this time because of the politics in tremont, cleveland, cuyahoga county it would be good if his record isn't expunged to send a message - but if you legally have to expunge his record - maybe you can do it with a condition or so - 

" the slash and burn - take no prisoners - anything goes is so corrosive to our democracy and we've got to fight this because it turns people off politics in general and leaves that space to be occupied by special interests that determine how the goodies are to be passed out...." barack obama,  nov. 23, 2004

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Sam Catania's record is on Realneo - what will court do?

 Hello Guy, Just out of curiousity, will the Judge issue an order to take down Mr. Catania's record here on Realneo?   It would be interesting to see how that would work....

no judge can expunge the

sophia honey yoga and guy -

Financial Losses associated with Sammy Catania....laughable...

Where do we begin to assess the financial damages to the entire west side of Cleveland in association with Sammy Catania's actions???? 

He works in the largest Non Governmental Organization Network in NEO----the CDC world under HUD funding....

We are talking millions to billions lost over the last generation and more by the future generation....Steering out countless folks from lifelong homes, assaulting elderly and disabled veterans, sustaining an attitude of absolute contempt for the nongentrified low income that unfortunately serve as quotas to support his paycheck....and much more....


If a probation officer needed a simple summation of reasons why Sammy Catania should not have his record expunged, may it revert to the bottom line dollar bill....he works in public offices by and through not for profits that serve the public and use the people Sammy Catania despises as quotas to support the need....his purpose for expungement probably includes ascertaining employment at an organization that serves the public; that is codependent on funding from large grant sources (like huge welfare checks for white collar criminals), and no one has seen his humilitry reduced as his sentence was reduced....comical...He just gained a huge ego out of that assault case that was nothing less than an insult to the public at large...and now he wants it expunged as though it never happened????? 

I strongly disagree with Sammy Catania getting his record expunged. It's attitudes like his that destroyed our City! 



Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

What was the result?

Scheduled for 2/12, today is 2/15, results? 

continued by defendant

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