How LOW can you go? TOXIC Clark Fields Annual Easter Egg Hunt is suddenly moved to 1701 Castle

Submitted by mabeldog on Sat, 03/28/2015 - 19:52.
 How LOW can you go? TOXIC Clark Fields Annual Easter Egg Hunt is suddenly moved to 1701 Castle

Last Year Clark Fields Easter Egg Hunt was held in Clark Fields. Big News that is not being promoted. THIS year Clark Fields has suddenly moved it's annual Easter Egg Hunt to a NON Clark Fields venue at 1701 Scranton. Could this be because there is no longer any way to hide the truth about Clark Fields? It is badly contaminated. Keep the children out. With lead, asbestos and who knows what else. We don't know because the soil samples which we the Cleveland taxpayers paid for have been NOT been released to the public. Instead the results have been guarded rather like a 21st century Manhattan project. And the ever vigiliant all powerful EPA is NOT being invited to remediate this public park. They only come when invited apparently. But the EPA has been involved in remediation of MANY of the former industrial sites that surround the park. Why haven't they been invited down to a Clark Fields which is a public park and ALSO a well known toxic waste dump once used by MANY neighboring factories, including legendary polluters like Graselli Chemicals, Master Metals, and Republic Steel. But Clark Fields has already gotten their $5 million stash from various OTHER tax supported funding sources for their fabulous rebirth as a rejuvenated park for the nouveau riche of La Belle Tremonte. They have other $$$$$$ so they are clearly trying to avoid EPA involvement in spite of the federal funds they bring. The councilman definitely doesn't want to see another WC Reed/EPA debacle, the one caused by former WC Reed "representative" Senor Brian Cummins, down in HIS ward. Even if the contaminants in the soil have prevented the grass from growing. Just slap some astroturf over the kiddie playground and call it a day. Really though why hasn't Clark Fields been fenced off with a 10 foot Gestapo Fence like the one that surrounds what was once the beautiful WC Reed Field. Clark Fields is so much more polluted. And this is ever so quietly being ackowledged by the city Ward 3 representative. In a non denial denial way. The Easter Egg Hunt scheduled for April 4 has been suddenly moved. The regulation size baseball diamonds, in very short supply this coming summer in Cleveland, are NOT being scheduled this year. Everyone knows that the EPA has turned WC Reed into a treeless swamp and is now trying to figure out what to do about it. In spite of the known environmental hazards is Councilman Cimperman trying to keep the EPA and their flotilla of gas guzzling carbon footprint leaving vehicles out of the Clark Fields redo? Is it because developers like our very own Forest City have no interest in building luxury condos in Clark Fields? Or is it because Joe Cimperman wants his Tremont Park to glow from within. Like the industrial waste dump it is.

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Waiting for EASTER


 Poor Molly has been deprived of her beautiful WC Reed Field

and now Clark Field Dog Park is closed, too - where do we go??


Superfunded parks...

First Easter Egg hunt was to be on Clark Field - then mysteriously switched to ! What - Luis Munoz Marin on Scranton #$@! Huh? That is mixed UP!

Could the EASTER bunny be concerned about the LEAD at Clark Field ??-  We know that an insignificant amount of PAHs - comparable to smoking a cigarette - closed down our beautiful WC Reed Field, so what will our great leaders at Cleveland City Hall do about LEAD contamination (shhhh!!) at Clark Field???