How many tools are necessary to R&R a faucet washer? Art is where YOU find it!

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 11/26/2012 - 20:19.

All these steel tools in a porcelain china sink isn't very smart - could break it - but it's convenient. 

Getting the faucets off the sink was an upside down task.  'bout lost my temper!

Then I saw the art of it all...

tools include: Vise Grip pliers,  Phillips screw driver, flat blade screw driver, basin wrench, Crescent wrench, pipe wrench, deep valve packing nut socket, Channel Lock pliers, (not in image: flash light, basin wrench handle extension, smooth file)

Supplies include: WD40 spray bottle,  misc compression washers and faucet spout O rings, (not in image lithium grease, rags, kneeling pad, silicone caulk, teflon packing rope)

fyi - once you are on your back under the sink you need to have a helper to hand you tools!  Make sure a tool doesn't slip and fall on your face and poke you in the eye or break your tooth....seriously, wear safety glasses and put a rag over your mouth.


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