Hypocrite Hank Paulson is amazed neither party has

Submitted by Oldroser on Mon, 03/17/2014 - 22:01.

done anything about the bubble that is building up (again.)

Of course, he piously affirms that, as regards his role in bailing out the too-big-to- fail banks, no one knows how bad it could have been.

These giants are now distributing enormous bonuses again and were  not punished at all, or only had their hands slapped with an  easily paid, though high, fine for rigging LIBOR, allowing a foreign exchange trader to lose a ton of money, and...oh, wait....no one is investigating the rigging of gold prices, nor prices of silver, either.

Seen any bankers doing the "perp  walk?" Nope. didn't think so.

True, lettting them fail, as they should in a true capitalist economy, would mean corporations would fail, people would lose their jobs, seniors would lose dividend income.


But, hey, interest rates are so low there isn't enough interest/dividend income to keep ahead of inflation, and not many have jobs now. ShadowStats calculates numbers the way they used to, before unemployed people whos benefits have run out were decided to be "not" unemployed, even if they wer looking  for work. The last figure from them I saw was 23%, which is the highest or about the highest number during the Great Depression.

And, tell me, just who is going to bail out  the disappearing taxpayer (no income, no taxes), whose mite is worth less and less all the time?