Question of the Day: Can You Imagine Anywhere More Exciting To Have A Pre-School Than In A Zoo?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 10/04/2009 - 22:46.

If we are going to have zoos and aquariums at all, we should use them for more than entertaining the masses... like for real education, including for enhancing real early childhood development, including having a preschool at the zoo! Sound too innovative for NEO? Yes... this is in Real NWO... Toledo, Ohio...

Can You Imagine Anywhere More Exciting To Have A Pre-School Than In A Zoo?

No Child Left Inside Movement

It is worth reading the article about the Zoo Pre-School in the Toledo Blade, as it introduces a concept that has not been discussed much around NEO - No Child Left Inside.

Why is Cleveland always the last to go?

Perhaps, because it is unsafe to go outside around most of the pre-schools around NEO?!?!

A foreign concept

The No Child Left Inside movement isn't an anti-technology campaign, Ms. Charles said, but she and others said children's lives are out of balance when they spend 40 to 60 hours in screen time and very few hours outdoors. Many health-related problems such as childhood obesity are related to the fact that for many children going outside to play is a foreign concept. Because parental worries about safety keep some children indoors, communities could invent new ways to make outdoor play safe, such as neighborhood programs where parents take turns watching over the activities, Ms. Charles said. Activities to reconnect children and nature are being considered in northwest Ohio where a No Child Left Inside initiative has begun, said Olander Park naturalist Sandy Gratop. Goals include developing a Web site, identifying partners interested in participating, and defining local needs, said Mrs. Gratop who recently conducted a No Child Left Inside meeting at Camp Miakonda. "We have a variety of people interested in this initiative from 20 counties and 12 park systems," she said. "Getting outside is good for children. Uncontrolled play is an opportunity to let a child outside and roam and observe. Give them a pile of sand and they will build a mountain."

A widespread effort

Sarah Bodor, coordinator for the No Child Left Inside Coalition in Annapolis, Md., said nearly 1,500 organizations representing 47 million people are involved with efforts to strengthen environmental education in classrooms across the country and to reconnect children with nature.

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Graveyard as school...

Norm--I have two teachers who especially make heroic efforts to get their kids out of the school.  It's not an easy undertaking. 

One year we had a class in Riverside Cemetery.  I still get kids who come back and remind me of that beautiful fall day.  Riverside Cemetery teaches students about cultural norms, life and death, history, biology, medicine, art, many opportunities to learn by freeing ourselves from the classroom.  

Let me AGAIN--parents--plug my neighborhood as the perfect learning experience.  We have Riverside Cemetery, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park--within walking distance.  We have commerce, we have industry, we have a NEIGHBORHOOD.

School as Graveyard

But do you have deadly pollution too close for your neighborhood to be truly livable?

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Pollution is a reality

  I don't live with a constant apprehension about "deadly" pollution.  It's far less noticeable to me now, then  it was during my own childhood.  Parents, teachers, doctors puffing away on cigarettes.  Factories belching smoke day and night. 

Can we do better?  Hell, yes--but I am not going to pretend that our lifestyles don't contribute to the problem.  We have exported the most egregious pollution.  I don't think we can villify one group of people until we change ourselves first.

Death and Pollution

That is the saddest thing I have ever read.

I have always cared about pollution, designed my lifestyle around minimizing my environmental impact wherever I live, including in my consumption choices, and I will damn well villify those who do not... the maggots are killing everyone.

When people say "it used to be worse" are they correct? Did your drinking water used to contain Prozac?

Our environment gets worse every day - not better.

Do you know the air pollution source points in your area, their current emissions, and peak emissions in your neighborhood, and of what pollutants. You may be right in the middle of a lead hotspot and not be told.

Is there a system to notify you of toxic hazards around you at all? What rolls down those rails?

What about the harm from freeway traffic, and changes to that as they redesign freeways around you, and build a new container port DOWNTOWN bringin in more water, rail and road sourced toxins here, that add no vaue to any residents (oh, yeah, 5 longshoreman benefit, until they die of cancer)

The only reason we think pollution must be a reality here is David Beach et al, and the Green City Blue Lake Institute, Frank Jackson et al, and Sustainable Cleveland 2019, and all the other frauds in community development here paid by polluters to deceive the citizens to accept polluton as part of our every day lives, under the false promise of Sustainability.

That is because excessive pollutiing reduces their utility bills and pays them lots of money.

In many parts of the world, polluters are held accountable for the harm they cause society, and that is how we must deal with them here as well.

Ever think of the people zipping down the freeways through your community as trespassers? Killers? Ever think about charging commuters for their polluton? You could use their money to protect our children, and relocate all children away from poluting sites like Mittal and Medical Center Company... or to fight to clean them up for real.

Will you be willing to reduce your pollution or pay fines or go to jail? You must wear a seat belt of face fines or jail, so why not address pollution that way.

Those who lives in Medina, must stay in Medina, or pay to pollute their way someplace else.

Pollution must not be our reality for REALNEO to survive as a livable community.

Hence, real NEO is dying.

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Not naive on pollution

  Norm--I am not naive on pollution.  Just as you have a degree in economics, I have degrees in biology and landscape architecture. I have worked at the region's metropolitan planning agency and at the Cleveland Metroparks.  It's not black and white--but grey.  The Cuyahoga River IS healthier than it has been, our air quality IS better.  We still have many, many environmental problems to tackle. 

I do agree that no one should be patting themselves on the back, especially our so-called Greenfolks...  We HAVE to DO BETTER.

Deadly Pollution...

 What environmental factors determine your neighborhood of choice?  We don't need to go all crazy here Norm, but for those folks planting subdivisions in Avon...and even Bay Village...Westlake...I have two words--RADON GAS. 

How about our water--so chlorinated that most kids grow up to develop some autoimmune disorder?  Drink well-water right?  Not good there either as our aquifers can have toxic levels of naturally occuring arsenic, or worse, chemical leachate from buried tanks or septic systems....Ain't life grand!

(personally--i hate zoos and aquariums, but since folks love 'em...and they are not going away...making them educational, makes sense.)

We are all going crazy here, from pollution

Since I learned my problems in unreal NEO are all the results of corrupt community leaders subservient to polluters, I have been researching little other than pollution in unreal NEO. And yes it is making people here crazy.

Every morning, when I awake, it is first on my mind.

I'll be posting lots about this - for some food for thought, go to US Today and spend time at "The Smokestack Effect: Toxic Air and America's Schools" and explain why, out of around 125,000 schools, the 36th and 53rd most polluted schools in America are in Euclid?

Of course, your part of Cleveland seems generally worse, with more of the most polluted schools... we put more kids at risk in more schools in stupid places in Cleveland than in Euclid.

Do you remember reading about this in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, ever?

Was it a topic at Sustainable Cleveland 2019?

Is it linked and discussed on the great and powerful GreenCityBlueLake dot org?

Pollution is linked to mental illness.

Clearly, our leaders are too polluted!

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