Politics and Poker Shuffle up the Cards and Find the Joker

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Politics and Poker Shuffle up the Cards and Find the Joker

Endorsement "news". Irrelevant former Pharma distributor Mike White, who has put on a few kilos since "suddenly" dropping out of the mayor's race in 2002 and disappearing to alpaca country in Nowhere, Ohio has endorsed a No Name for Mayor.  According to the well connected brilliant writer and repository of all Cleveland political history, Eric Jonathan Brewer, Mike White's PREVIOUS endorsements of a couple of crooks make THIS "endorsement" laughable, especially since he has been out of politics for 2 decades. Half of Cleveland has no idea who Mike White WAS, and the OTHER half remember Nate Gray. And how thoroughly and completely Mike White screwed his one time friend. Eric Jonathan Brewer ALSO points out that the No Name has a sizable unpaid EVICTION DEBT for his fashionable address downtown while he toiled away in various vague overpaid "non" profit directorships. He weirdly hired an illegal alien AUSTRALIAN female as as his campaign manager. Like there is no one qualified right here in Cleveland. 

And not a moment too soon to be FORMER Mayor Frank Jackson has endorsed WAIT FOR IT....Kevin Kelley with an e. KKK is suddenly ALL ABOUT CHANGE. This from a FULL TIME attorney AND loathsome lying decades long PRESIDENT OF CITY CLOWNCIL. He wasn't interested in any change when he blocked 2 citizen initiatives with the required 20,000 signatures from even APPEARING on the ballot for a vote. The first  was whether to hand over $85 million dollars of Cleveland taxpayer money to billionaire Dan Gilbert to fix up HIS arena. And the SECOND was to give the citizens of Cleveland the opportunity to vote on REDUCING the size of City Clowncil. Can't have that said KKK. KKK amusingly whines/brags about his alcoholic father in his debut campaign video about his imaginary hard life. In the campaign photo of him and his wife and 10 kids even the dog is white. But KKK knows where all the bodies are buried including the one on Clark Avenue.

Eric Jonathan Brewer has a Zack Reed sign in his yard. So do I.

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One of Us

My 74 year old neighbor who has never voted stopped me the other day when I was walking my dog. She said she saw my Zack sign and asked me if I could help her register to vote because she wants to vote for Zack.  I said sure I would be happy to and asked her why she wants to vote now. And she said Cleveland needs help and Zack is the one who can do it because he's really one of us! Amen to that

Zack Reed is a great guy

 And - everyone knows - I LOVE Eric J. Brewer.  Brewer is a deep thinker.  He is profane. We don't agree on everything, but I think he will agree with me that our local media is bought and controlled.  Advance Media, aka the Plain Dealer, endorsed Nina Turner and she lost.  Advance Media endorses Justin Bibb.  I hope it is not the kiss of death.

Zach or Zack - some people think he needs to decide on his shortened name (he uses both). https://votezackreed.com/ Eric J. Brewer is helping Zach and Zack is smart to work with EJB.  Zack also now has downstate (read Republican) support.  EJB believes most of east side wards will vote for Zack. Problem there is the low turn out rate.  

Jones is getting people to the polls and using every dirty trick to get ppl to vote on east side.  I don't agree with EJB on the Mike White connection.  Mike White is handled by the Mandel Foundation and they would NEVER support a wack job like Basheer Jones.  I don't know where EJB got the Mike White intel on Basheer Jones.  I know quite a few people who live in Ward 7 and there are also photos to prove that like Shontel Brown - Basheer Jones is a Marcia Fudge acolyte.  EJB doesn't go after Marcia Fudge.  He should.  She is a complete sellout.  She did nothing to help the African Americans who lost their homes to third party tax lien sales under the EVIL Rokakis-Frangos duo. 

My issue with both Justin and Zack - and, frankly, anyone in this mayoral race: someone else controls them (but maybe not, professional poker player - Ross DiBello).  Mike White was and is controlled by the Mandel Foundation and was controlled by Sam Miller and the Ratners.  Despite his "handlers" he achieved a level of government that DID deliver services to east and west side of town.  I hope it comes down to Reed and Bibb.   

Mabeldog - I hope we can agree that Dennis Kucinich is the last person we need now.  And - his controllers are the same EVIL duo : Rokakis and Frangos, who have been protected for decades by the Ratners.

Political Profiteering - Forest City's long history in Slavic Village

HOPE Bibb doesn't fall into Cimperman trap

I advised Justin Bibb to meet with Eric J. Brewer.  He hasn't -- and his cavalier history with the Ohio Ethics Commission shows how much he has to learn.  

According to the Plain Dealer’s Robert Higgs, the newspaper’s endorsed candidate didn’t deliver financial disclosure reports that included all of his earnings to the Ohio Ethics Commission for three consecutive years.  Bibb under-reported his earnings in what he is reported as calling an “inadvertent mistake.”  I’ve completed the reports as a former mayor.  They’re written in plain English and Bibb has a law degree.  The campaign finance reports and financial disclosure statement for every candidate Sullivan led the Plain Dealer to endorse should have been obtained and “investigated” before the interviews.

The Ohio Ethics Commission is a bloated organization that RARELY censors bad actors.  It took Faye Harris years - and the help of attorney Carrie Kurutz to take down Joe Cimperman - ALSO endorsed by the Plain Dealer:


She claims Cimperman has been indifferent to the needs of the community and accuses him of being part of "systemic corruption" that has resulted in city dollars being paid to the nonprofit company where his wife is employed.


Kurutz did not provide sufficient documentation to support her claim, which Cimperman adamantly denies, but it does raise important questions regarding conflict of interest on City Council.

Justin - you have something Joe Cimperman also has - the support of the Cleveland Jewish community.  Don't blow this chance to make a difference.  WORK with Eric Brewer.   I wish that outside elements did NOT have undue influence on our local goverment (philanthropy/foundations), but they do, and you're their horse.  Don't blow it.

Brancatelli buying votes?? Is that kosher?

Brancatelli cut a $10K check to the Benjamin Franklin Garden last night - can anyone explain how council people can do that? 
While I applaud support of the garden, the garden is amazing, I don't think that soliciting votes with a large donation before the primary is kosher.  Am I wrong?  Ward 12 candidate Shalira Taylor was in attendance last night and Kevin Kelley.  
There is an upcoming Ward 12 primary candidate night at Art House. I can not attend because I live in Ward 14 (basically across the street)... I hope that there will be clarification on how council people "donate" to organizations within their wards.
These allocations raise the larger question of elected officials and their support of CDCs.  FTR - I have asked - numerous times for Jasmin Santana to allocate her funds to Old Brooklyn CDC for the Brooklyn Centre area.  We are not served by MetroWest.