Saving our history-Preservation pays off

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This week's Crain's Cleveland Business commends the efforts of Convivium33's Alenka Banco and the design team of Nottingham-Spirk. Preserving the past to give us hope for the future. Bravo.

From Crain's Cleveland --Repeating history Monday August 6, 2007
For the business owners and others who opt to bring new life into old buildings, high costs, years of work and a slew of other challenges await. Is all that time and trouble worth it? Yes, insist some who have renovated rather than built new. 

The Tyler Elevator building project is another encouraging story.

For more information on programs offered in other states see Nothing Down, $0 a month, Hammer Required.

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Historic Preservation and Critical Mass


What is interesting is that Ferchill Group, the developer of Nottingham-Spirk, is also recommending converting the 1010 Building into residential and retail, they also recommend that the county use only part of the Rotunda, I personally think they need to stay out of the Rotunda.   I think it would make a Great Arcade.   


668 Euclid applied for the State Historic Preservation Tax Credit. 


I estimate 668 at about 500,000 sq ft, minus first level retail it could accomodate two hundred condominums, at 2,000 sq ft each they would have a market value of around 40M.   


I would like to see the Halles garage converted to housing and replaced with a new garage

I would like to see 668 housing and a new garage next to it, between it and the City Club  building.


Focus Cleveland Focus, the corridor will be nice when finished. 


I think it is good to get an abudance of housing in the city before the interstate gets taken apart.  It would be cool to live and work in the city, in an old building that has been upgraded.


I think some day it will become a community, then people will mature into it, not appear so contrived. Not a place people think about living a place they can't imagine leaving.     


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