I am a Proud Ignorant Hillbilly.... Thanks for reading my blogs! All the best to you all!

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Proud of your birthright but not ignorant

As her marvellous, widely read blog attests, the writer is not ignorant. And I happen to know she has attended college and then the U.S. Army no doubt taught her a lot.

She does write "tongue in cheek" now and then, which may escape the notice of some, but she also is proclaiming her pride in her family. Her Special Forces father told me he was offered a chance to teach college and be given the chance to attend college at the same time, based on his special Vietnam/Special Forces strengths I would imagine. And he normally proclaims loudly that he is a hillbilly from Tennessee. Reverse snobbism? Perhaps a touch, but these people do not want to forget where they came from, unlike many others who like to pretend they came from elsewhere instead of being proud of how far and wide and well they travelled. And so they remain in touch with and in sympathy with those who have not yet been able to achieve the same successes.

RealNEO has a number of self-proclaimed hillbillies who write with great erudition, who research in painstaking detail to get all the facts to expose those who trample upon the rights of others. Thus, hillbilly is a proud badge to wear, would that we had many more such as these!!



Thank You 'Roser....

I am a little ignorant....no human being can know all....

Moreover; I am "IGNORANT" about how to be corrupt? I simply cannot understand the logic, ethics, humanity, or greed that floats the boats of the corrupt individuals who violate the public at large.... It's really that simple.... And for that ignorance...I'll probably die young and leave a legacy far beyond words..... So be it...

Be sure to SING & DANCE at my funeral...No funeral music allowed! Celebrate my life... That's the way I want it when my time comes. And if any funeral directors refuse to let you party...then dance in the streets...for I will be dancing in heaven with my momma! 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"