Speaking Up About Poltics in our Community.... for the Future Generations....

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The people deserve to feel free to speak up at public meetings and to have public servants react respectably. The people of our community deserve public participation that is not "moderated" by bullies who "filter questions".  The people deserve respect and they deserve to feel free to VOTE as they see fit (THIS IS AMERICA). They deserve to understand what's going on in their communities and not be deprived of their newsletters because they "DON'T VOTE"..but watch out Clevelanders....your Council Members choose to disregard sending those newsletters to the folks who don't vote ('because they don't deserve to receive a newsletter", according to Joe Santiago, FORMER Ward 14 City Council member. (UNREAL!) 

If people of all races, religions, and backgrounds do not stand up for their right to VOTE... then they deserve what they get... That's what the politicians have come to think. They like it when people are disenfranchised, disgusted, and demoralized...it makes it easier for them to get elected. They like it when everyone simply "conforms" to the game that they have created for themselves by using the people as "QUOTAS" to get funding at countless levels.

The people of Cleveland, Ohio have been taken on the ride of their lifetimes by local politicians. They have been used, abused, and violated enough to sadly make them never want to vote again. I saw it again and again walking door to door. I heard the yelling citizens complain about "useless politicians"... I listened to them discuss how a call for help to the councilman can turn you into his "target" of affection with building & housing inspectors. I heard how going to the office of a city councilman in working man's attire was snubbed and sneered at by the Councilman. I heard lots of those reasons and rhymes about why people don't care anymore..... to vote, that is.

When I ran in my campaign; I did take it personal that these citizens at large were so disgusted. I found that I no longer felt isolated in my thoughts about the truth behind the scenes of what goes on in this political arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Yes, I wanted to make a positive difference in our world and I learned so very much about this entire system, the politicians, and the powers that be regarding how our people have been treated over the last few generations...

I pray along the way that families inspire each other to vote and attend public meetings regularly. People have a voice that deserves to be heard. The people of Ward 14 have been ignored for far too long...even after they elected people who "allegedly" had the best of intentions to represent their needs. Yet, even that was a joke since this last election. Carpetbaggers were invited in and funded to reinvent wheels of code enforcement like in the alleged model communities like Detroit Shoreway, Tremont, and Ohio City... interesting.

This week, there's a public participation forum that desperately deserves to be attended by the citizens...many will not attend (most)....but the few that do will tirelessly work to speak up and proactively fight for the rest....and once again we will be padded on the backs and told that "we'll get back with you on that" line by the people at the front of the forum...

How do we respond? We remain vigilant, we hold them accountable, and we follow up and stay on them about their actions on our behalf. Remember; they have over $40 million in allocations that are sitting "SOMEWHERE" in our funding stream that they are playing GOD over. ASK QUESTIONS! DEMAND ANSWERS!!! SEND SOMEONE ON YOUR BEHALF...but fill that room... (AT ST. ROCCO'S on FULTON).

It's time to take our community back at all levels....Remain steadfast and speak up, VOTE! 

....and for those of you interested in becoming our next Ward 14 City Councilman... start getting out there and campaigning now for the next election in 2013 for the 2014-2018 seat.

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Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

A "UNITED" Ward 14????

Tonight, after spending 2 days at a funeral for my adopted "Bosak Family"...My daughter & I attended the public meeting at St. Rocco's... I am so very glad, proud, and excited to see all of the citizens participating....engaged...and standing up to speak out loud about what's going on around them... God Bless everyone who participated tonight...

It's one of the best Ward 14 meetings I have attended over the last couple of years... What was most profound was that it was driven by the CITIZENS themselves... not by the politicians.... I am really glad to see all the dedication, resolve, and proactiveness of our citizens. Great job everyone for all of your efforts, heart, and amazing fortitude...I know many wanted to get loud, speak out, and yell at those public servants at the front table...but the diplomatic, civilized, and hearty exchanges were "REAL" and that's what we need more of in Cleveland, Ohio! 

I am so truly happy that our citizens are taking direct action, holding these public servants accountable, and feeling confident to speak openly about the TRUTH of the matters at all levels. Thank you to everyone who collaborated, participated, and stood up to get answers for the rest of our citizens...


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Much better:  "Diplomatic,

Much better:  "Diplomatic, civilized, and hearty exchanges" beats ranting anyday.  There's a right way and smart way to hold elected persons', and their appointees', feet to the fire.  Crackpots have a place--and it's a small one down under,  and in the back of the kitchen sink by the broken crockpot.  They make their points.  Sometimes they are right on the money.  But they rarely lead or inspire.  Keep investing in your production capacity.  It yields greater production. 

Someone had to take the heat rounds for....

speaking the truth historically...

But now, it's 2011...and the community regurgitates disdain for the public servants and the results of their years of poor actions on behalf of the residents....Yet, tonight was exciting in a different way...many residents who aren't the normal "activists" found their voices and came to speak for themselves....fearlessly.... and that was absolutely priceless... Yes, I have seen it before, but not with so much forthrightness...usually the citizens are "AFRAID" to get "RETALIATED" against and they don't speak up...but tonight was something much different... a sense of "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" and united front from the citizens for eachother... very nice.

I loved hearing Anthony Ripepi speak too... He said it better than most and GOD BLESS HIM for speaking...his words were so direct, so empowering, and so, so true about the "politics at play" and the "citizens uniting".... I think it was awesome in no uncertain terms... it was a leap of faith, tons of perserverance, and sheer dedication to the community at large that many of these citizens stood there tonight. It was profound that they were not "FILTERED" by dog & pony exercises in Political Correctness... They deserved that express openness and they ARE stepping up, uniting, and working collectively to react to the results of years of their funding allocations being steered out of their community... Baby steps.


Keep the faith Ward 14 and keep fighting for your rights, one block at a time! 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"