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Profit for the 1%

The Land Bank is a scheme designed to benefit the wealthiest 1%--taking property, destroying property, so that investors can cash in on the future sale and development.

Demolitions at taxpayer cost--with no oversight or accountability. Be MAD, BE VERY MAD:

Rokakis and Frangos have known all along that there is a gaping loophole in Ohio law, which allows properties to transfer with outstanding liens unpaid.  This has provided a free-for-all for flippers aka "investors."  Rokakis never wrote legislation to stop flipping.  He only legislated the "Land Bank," so that the weathiest 1% could continue to feed off the bloodbath.

And, prior to "his" land bank legislation, Rokakis legislated the exclusive sale of tax liens to Plymouth Park aka Xspand and GLS Capital.

The evil of this scheme is most apparent in East Cleveland and in the "Forgotten Triangle."  Cleveland Plain Dealer and GCP  is in collusion with Frangos/Rokakis--as they head the Bond Accountability Commission/Transformation Plan and Opportunity Corridor.

Juan Williams "Muzzled" by NPR at City Club

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