I Love LeBron More Now That He Is Free. Go MIami... go LeBron - you rock!

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I Love LeBron More Now That He Is Free - blessings. Lucky kids don't believe what adults say and do... because adults here have treated this home town hero poorly, and kids don't deserve to believe their adults will turn on good people so easitly - pathetic role models, those Gilbertoid Cavaliers freaks. Go MIami... go LeBron - you rock!

What has Gilbert ever done for Cleveland, that didn't cost Clevelanders a fortune... Clevelanders???????????

LeBron James Rides for Kids


A crowd of about 1,000 showed up for the fifth annual King for Kids Bikeathon and gave James plenty of love. Besides the bikes, the basketball star gave the city $30,000 along with the $150,000 the event raised for the Akron Urban League and the city's YMCA.

Not a boo was heard, nor a negative sign seen. Barely anyone wore Cavs' apparel. About the only person with a James jersey was Sunshine Stratos.

About 9:30 a.m., a murmur passed from the back of the waiting pack and heads turned. Towering above the riders, James approached and with his expansive wingspan gave high fives to gleeful kids.

One kid exclaimed: "I touched his hand! I touched his hand."

"I still love LeBron no matter where he plays," the 25-year-old from Akron said. "He's still a hometown hero."

"He bought me this bike," Jaysaun said. "I will root for him in Miami."

James proclaimed the day was about the kids. He encouraged them with: "Go to school. Get in the books and get good grades."

Then James climbed on a bike and soon pedaled off with the first of the riders.

And the kids already hate the adults

And the kids already hate the adults for ruining the planet and being such pathetic cowards in life.

Get to know some real kids - join them in their worlds - learn what they want for their future... not what you want to do to them.

You are wrong

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