I understand the Ill Co is working around the clock...

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 09/17/2008 - 04:42.


As one of the residents of NEO who is still without electricity, three days after a storm blew through the region, I can't say I've seen one Illuminating Company repair crew anywhere in my neighborhood... or anywhere, for that matter. It makes me wonder, where are the repair crews working, what type of damage did this storm cause that is taking so long to repair, and is the Illuminating Company well prepared for bad weather, having caused the worst black-out in America, a few years ago, and now this.

Has anyone seen any good coverage of this power failure?  Any facts? 

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CEI always much slower than CPP

  As one of four CEI (we are not allowed to change) customers on my street in the City of Cleveland, the rest are CCP with power restored 9:00 a.m. Monday--we were had power restored at 5:00 p.m. Monday. I am not complaining.

I spoke with my friend in Cincinnati.  Apparently, the devastation is much worse in southern Ohio. 

I know that this is grim, but how do we all get off this fix?  

CEI responded in a timely manner for us

Our power flickered out at about 6pm sunday, and by 1am monday morning power was on, and by 2am the service crew from the city had cut up and chippered the large tree that fell on the tree lawn during the high winds.  We woke to just a glimmer of sawdust on the street and treelawn, and a damaged stump of a tree as a reminder.


CEI has a website that lists status of power outages which might be of interest to you (provided you can log on a pc):


w.117th st. businesses still out

Businesses are out on a block w.117 despite power working either next door or across the street (?)

I think the utilities are spread thin because its simply statewide like a hurricane. I know their pulling in workers from PA & NY