IGNORANCE = PEACE!? FUKUSHIMA OCEAN RADIOACTIVITY, H5N1: arctic ring seals look a lot like Tucker

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 02/18/2012 - 19:06.

 H5N1 is a secret - well, what's secret is how it was mutated....

The World Health Organization (WHO) will release the info about H5N1 later - much later.

There is a lot of information which is just too important to let everybody learn.    The cognoscenti have the information so they can keep the information from the rest of us.   To protect us. 

Nuke info.    Governments keep that stuff private.   And Iran is getting a little up-pitty.   Iran outrageously seems to believe that they are smart enought to have nukes making electricity - or a bomb.   Imagine that!  Iran thinks they have the RIGHT to a BOMB!  

Infection info like H5N1, govs keep that stuff private too.  

And now, over the last few months,  Arctic Ring Seals are afflicted with lesions around their eyes, noses, and tail fins.  

Seals are like hawks, eagles, - at the top end of the food chain.  Seals eat a lot of small sea animals, and seals are vulnerable to accummulation of poisons (and radioactivity) absorbed or eaten by the animals which the seals eat.  


My mom was an avid Rachel Carson supporter. Silent Spring.  DDT

If my mom were eating dinner with me tonight, she would question why the Arctic Ring Seals have eyes and noses deteriorating. 

My Mom would be MAD.  My Mom would be ranting and trying to figure out how to help the seals. 


If the reason for the lesions is an accummulation of radiation from Fukushima, would we hear that?  Or would that news be too much for the common man to handle?   Would GOVERNMENTS KEEP THIS EXTREMELY IMPORANT NEWS SECRET?

Common Man - Peace, here's  Bud, here's the SuperBowl, here's a new car (big tires, more horsepower!). 

Common Man!  cUMMON mON!

:You've got groove!!!!!!!!!!

Tucker, the dog, is a Shiba breed from Japan.   The Arctic Ring Seal has a face which is almost identical.  

I looked at Google images for radioactive skin lesions - and indeed radiological exposure does result in lesions similar to those suffered by the Ring Seal.   

Steven Wolfram, what we need with the "new kind of science" is a search engine which returns truth.   The lesions on the ring seal - the image - when put into a search - needs to return the truth.   

Virus, bacteriological, radiological.  

What is it?


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but reactor fallout is yesterday's story...gone and forgotten...