I'm wondering if Michael DeAloia knows who Bill Knott is?

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Truth be told - I lived with a household of poets at Oberlin.

I'd get home at the end of along day in the electronic music studio and practicing to be "Papageno" to:


- hold on, hold on, listen to this: "Graph to me the breast you cut off to fire better with........"




- "inside the valley that lies between a shrug"



"I wrote under a pen name
One day I shook the pen trying to make the name come out
But no it's
Like me prefers clinging to the inner calypso

So I tossed the pen to my pet the
Wastebasket to eat
It'll vomit back the name
Names aren't fit
For unhuman consumption

But no again

It stayed down

I don't use a pen-name anymore
I don't use a pen anymore
I don't write anymore
I just sit looking at the wastebasket
With this alert intelligent look on my face"


I then asked these dudes "who wrote that?"

And they said "Bill Knott"

So I created an electronic music piece using a recording of one of his poetry readings.  I also did a piece (twice) based upon sections from "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man".

And when I was commutting to Trieste, Italy - I got into being a serious James Joyce fanatic.

Anyway - it seems that my entire life has had 'poets' in it.

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