Imperial Women Endorse Pinkey Carr, Stokes For Cleveland Judge, Phil Paverini Jr. For Cleveland Municipal Clerk Of Court, Others

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Endorsed for Judge of The Cleveland Municipal Court-Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Pinkey Carr (Note: Carr has also ben endoreced by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ohio's largest newspaper).

Endorsed-Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Angela Stokes



Endorsed for Clerk of The Cleveland Municipal Court, Phil Paverini Jr.

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 The Imperial Women, the grassroots group that fights for women's issues and other community matters that was founded around the murders of 11 Black women on Cleveland's Imperial Ave by convicted serial killer Anthony Sowell, announces the following judicial and Cleveland Municipal Clerk of Court endorsements and non-endorsements for the Nov 8, 2011 election.
We want to highlight two particular endorsements. That of Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Pinkey Carr over Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Lynn McLaughlin Murray, whom we call on the Cleveland FBI to investigate for documented impropriety in office since her appointment in Jan. This includes by McLauglin Murray, activity of illegally jailing Blacks and women, and disregarding the provisions of The Ohio Rules of Criminal Procedure, as well as The Local Rules of The Cleveland Municipal Court, not to mention the Sixth Amendment of The United States Constitution. McLaughlin Murray ran for judge before her appointment to the bench but was kicked off the ballot by the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections for using a fake name, which is indicative of her lack of integrity for the bench.
We endorse Carr because of her temperament, her credentials that will make her a fine judge, and her scholarly activity in bringing murder and other convictions along with the other two members of the prosecutorial team for the office of Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason against Cleveland Serial Killer Sowell. Following the convictions for murder, kidnapping and a host of other charges Cleveland's most notable serial killer received the death penalty two months ago from Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge Dick Ambrose, after the jury's recommendation for it.
Carr has also been endorsed by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Ohio's largrest newspaper. 
Secondly, we also endorse Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Angela Stokes for her commitment to following the law, unlike some other Cleveland Municipal Court judges, and her efforts in assisting Black and White women alike that come before her with issues to seek to overcome personal problems through her HOPE Program, including Imperial Ave Murder victims Diane Turner and Michelle Mason. We have nothing against seasoned Cleveland Attorney Ed Wade, who is running against Stokes and practices in the office with Attorney Rufus Sims, one of Sowell's defense attorneys, and with Attorney and Cleveland NAACP Affiliate James Hardiman, but Stokes gets the edge.
Additionally, we endorse Phil Paverini Jr. for Clerk of Court over Cleveland Municipal Court Clerk Earle B. Turner due to Paverini's zeal and forthrightness and because of Turner's outright laziness in refusing to come to work regularly and his documented corruption in falsifying case docket data to the detriment of Black and female defendants maliciously prosecuted by the City of Cleveland, which is often designed to illegally manipulate appellate outcomes in The Ohio Eighth District Court of Appeals. And The Ohio Eighth District Court of Appeals has been further corrupted since former Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Kathleen Ann Keough was elected last year to that court.
The Imperial Women also support Cleveland Municipal Court Judges Michael John Ryan and Joseph Zone, both of whom are running unopposed.
We urge voters not to support Cleveland Municipal Court Presiding and Administrative Judge Ron Adrine for perpetuating ongoing malfeasance in the court to the detriment of the Black community, women and others. Adrine is also responsible for the falsification of trial transcripts by court stenographers like Laura Williams to defame innocent defendants and in efforts to hurt them from winning appeals on malicious prosecutions. And Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Michelle Earley should not be supported either where she jails Black women illegally for McLaughlin Murray and favors men over women in sentencing for the same or similar convictions, data show. No votes should also go to Corrupt Berea Municipal Court Judge Mark Comstock, whose malfeasance in that court is unprecedented, including presiding over cases involving Blacks that he has no jurisdiction over and harassing Blacks and women, and to Lyndhurst Municipal Court Judge Mary Kaye Bozza, who has very little respect for the law, if any.
Bozza is famous for telling defendants that she will give them a break in violation of the law if they speak nicely to her, and for a husband that is a jailer for the Mayfied Hts Police Department where the judge often does as he and the police there want her to do. Mayfield Hts cases are also heard by Bozza with illegal directives that she follows from Mayfield Hts police to jail Blacks and women that have posted bond and appear in court as required. She targets innocent Blacks for White political operatives in nearby Shaker Municipal Court and its law department, and otherwise, making her unfit for the bench.
Endorsements and non-endorsements are as follows:
For the non-partisan election for judge of The Cleveland Municipal Court:
- In the judicial race with Judge Angela Stokes, Ed Wade and Marlene Ridenour : Vote for Judge Angela Stokes
- In the judicial race with Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Pinkey Carr and Judge Lynn McLaughlin Murray: Vote for Pinkey Carr.
-In the unopposed judicial race with Judge Michael John Ryan: Vote for Judge Michael John Ryan
- -In the unopposed judicial race with Judge Joseph Zone : Vote for Judge Joseph Zone
- In the unopposed judicial race with Judge Ron Adrine: Abstain from Voting for Judge Ron Adrine
-In the unopposed judicial race with Judge Michelle Earley: Abstain from voting for Judge Michelle Earley
For the election for clerk of The Cleveland Municipal Court:

-In the race With Cleveland Municipal Court Clerk Earle B. Turner, Lisa Stevens and Phil Paverini Jr.: Vote for Phil Paverini Jr.

For the election for judge of The Berea Municipal Court:
-In the unopposed judicial race with Judge Mark Comstock: Abstain from voting for Judge Mark Comstock
For the election for judge of The Lyndhurst Municipal Court:
-In the unopposed judicial race with Judge Mary Kaye Bozza: Abstain from voting for Judge Mary Kaye Bozza
Reach Journalist Kathy Wray Coleman at, ktcoleman8 [at] aol [dot] com and phone number: 216-932-3114.
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KWColeman - thanks for list of judicial candidates

 These judicial elections are very esoteric - 99% of the voters know nothing one way or the other making the election of judges a waste of everyone's time and money.   Hat tip to you for letting the Realneo community hear what you recommend.  Best,  Jeffb

You are welcome. There are

You are welcome. There are more in other municipalities but we took on those we needed too. We support Mr. Paverini and hope he stays in politics. I have been harssed since the list in Berea Municipal Court but that is par for the course. Will report back later.

I use

I use to help gather information before making a decision. This site comes highly recommended by attorneys that defend the little guy in courts. It is one more source of information about politicians that we may only hear about at election time.

Judge4yourself is really a

Judge4yourself is really a joke and almost as corrupt as the judges at issue we write about--Kathy Wray Coleman