Important upcoming ODOT meetings! NOT listed in TWDC Newsletter

Submitted by Oldroser on Tue, 06/05/2012 - 00:31.
I had been told in a email that at the meeting THIS WEDNESDAY, June 6, at Sokolowski’s (no time given, but they have been starting at 5:30 p.m.) ODOT and their design consultant would meet with the local community to discuss streetscape options along 14th Street and Abbey Avenue. One idea under consideration is the use of excess right-of-way (excess???, are they giving up on the parking lot, which shows future parking taking even more space as per last meeting that discussed this) as a community garden or urban orchard.
I suggested to Councilman Cimperman some time ago that all trees planted here in the future should be fruit bearing, so I like the idea of an orchard, and I like a community garden. But I still think that between W. 14th and the fence line of my rowhouse there should be rugosa roses. They grow to a thicket and will help shield the view of the bridges. They are extremely hardy, thorny, make a thicket, grow by the seaside even. You aren’t supposed to spray them, they don’t like it. Perennial herbs and perennials underneath so no mowing is required.
I was previously told:
On September 5, ODOT will propose a vegetative screening plan (for second bridge only?) and solicit input for the public.
Jason Wise, Project Engineer for the second bridge, in another email told me that July 10 was tentatively scheduled for presenting their plans for enhancements for the project adjacent to my home.
However, I got still another email last week, from Jacqueline Clemmens, saying that the meeting schedule changed, and the June 6 meeting will now be a standard Construction Conversation about the first bridge, it will not be about the aesthetics of the second bridge.
A separate public meeting about the second bridge aesthetics will July 10, 2012, time and location still to be decided. This is the one Councilman Cimperman insisted on.
But, she said also that the second half of the June 6 meeting this Wednesday at Sokolowski’s will be to have a public discussion of the vegetative screening in lieu of noise barriers. Perhaps this is about the red and (urban intolerant per OSU) sugar maples (GRRRRR, sound of grinding teeth) to be planted this fall along W. 14th and around the first bridge.