Interstate RR - Most efficient transportation works out of 3rd class quarters in Cleveland

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 01/11/2010 - 20:08.

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How does Cleveland’s attitude towards it’s Amtrak Rail Road Station impact Civic Self-respect?  As an entrance and departure “door” for Cleveland, should the Amtrak station be made more presentable in order to show respect and appreciation for our guests and community?
If you have ever used the Cleveland, Ohio Amtrak station you know getting to it is convoluted.   Especially by car.   The Station is located in an after-thought no-man’s-land between Brown’s Stadium, the Shoreway, the CSX freight rail and the north end of the Burnham Mall.
The highway directional signage leading to the Amtrak Station is terrible – don’t run late in bringing a passenger to the station (because of the Amtrak schedule this is always in the middle of the night) because you may be making a few loop-de-loops on the Shoreway before you get to the station.  
One can actually access the Amtrak station from West 3rd Street and from East 9th Street, but Google directions and Mapquest directions both route a driver to the Station via East 9th – going through the City of Cleveland Parking lot off of the Eastbound lanes of the Shoreway (Route 2) .
Many Amtrak Stations (Buffalo for example) have the same tossed-down-next-to-the tracks modular plain jane buildings as the passenger lounge, but Cleveland’s Amtrak Station has the most hole-in-the-wall, wish you weren’t here feeling of any RR station with which I am familiar.  
To access and use the most environmentally efficient interstate  transportation – ie rail – Clevelanders and our guests aren’t provided with much incentive when it comes to getting to and using the City of Cleveland Amtrak Station.
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More info on Cleveland Amtrak station

The Cleveland Lakefront Amtrak station has its own wikipedia entry. Two pictures of the station are here and here.


 thanks, Differentpointofview. Wikipedia is pretty amazing, another form of open sharing. 


  For passengers intrepid enough to take the train--it requires getting to the station in the wee hours of the morning and often waiting until the freight trains finish their deliveries, before the Amtrak passenger train can proceed.

Cleveland recently held a competition to redesign Lakefront access to passenger rail--when can we expect change?