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Here’s a blog entry that gives some anti-Issue 2 information for your digestion.


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 Issue 2 is big agriculture. If anyone wonders about this, take a good look at the slick advertising, the promise to keep our families safe and our food supply safe, and the thrust of publicity. It is bad agriculture. Don't fall for it. Read more.

Wow! I'm glad I read this. 

Wow! I'm glad I read this.  I'm voting NO on this one too.


Urge your friends to vote no on issue 2!

get the word out! Issue 2 two with its flashy big budget ad campaign is very misleading. Issue 2 is designed to pull at your heart strings; protecting family farms, improving the conditions of animals -- two things that most Ohioans feel warm and fuzzy about.

But don't believe the lie. This is big, evil agribusiness making a play for our state consititution so that there can be no future public debate about our food and animals.

Their ads are sleek with wholesome farm family actors, and claims that the Humane Society is just trying to make everyone vegan.

The Human Society opposes Issue 2. So does the League of Women Voters (because it would ammend our state constitution). And the Director of our own Cleveland APL spoke out against it personally at the APL's annual benefit party two weekends ago.


 is pushing these big ag issues, need I say more?

Issue 2

 Many of you may not have known that on Monday, October 19th at The Ohio State University (held in Independence Hall) the was an Issue 2 Town Hall Forum.            Co Sponsored by:  Young Americans for Liberty Ohio State University, The Ohio Liberty Council, Ohio Freedom Alliance and Central Ohio 912 Group.

Hope you will (or can) take time to watch. 

Check out the Video of the forum:  (you may need to copy and paste to your web browser) 


Why Issue 2 Can’t Stop the HSUS


Wayne Pacelle, CEO of the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) has stated that they will continue with their plans to place a ballot initiative to stop certain farming practices on the November 2010 ballot whether Issue 2 passes or fails. This seems odd that proponents for Issue 2 are professing that a yes vote will stop the HSUS and other animal rights groups from doing this very thing. Why don’t we see the HSUS, with its boastful 100 million dollar bank account and 400,000 Ohio supporters, trying to stop passage of Issue 2?


Issue 2 cannot stop these special interest groups from pushing their agenda on Ohio’s farmers. The State Senate passed SJR6 (Issue 2 on 6-25-09, by vote of 32-0) with specific language to “Grant exclusive authority to the Board to establish standards governing the care and well-being of livestock in this state”. The adjective “exclusive” is necessary so that no competing authority can overrule the board’s authority.


When SJR6 went to the House it was changed. The word “exclusive” was stricken from the resolution and then passed 83-16 (7-13-09), the Senate then approved the word change 31-1 (7-13-09)

(compare at  keyword: livestock care) so that it now allows for other authorities, such as other Constitutional amendments, or Federal laws to overrule the Standards Board. Sadly few are aware of this and believe that Issue 2 will really protect them when the reality is that it can’t. The HSUS can easily pass a ballot initiative that will overrule SJR6, and they intend to do so. 


Constitutions are written to ensure the limits of government powers, to protect the common people from the loss of liberty and rights. Issue 2 will do the just the opposite. It will take the right to make management decisions away from the farmer. A “Farmer’s Bill Of Rights” would actually protect farmers from both special interest groups and government entities without the forfeit of personal liberty.


 Industry standards should not be controlled by govt. force, but rather by the consumer with their wallets, they may buy from those who produce the product they desire. The producer seeks to please the buyer in both the product and management practices. That’s how a free market should work, without a third party setting the standards. Issue 2 is bad for both the livestock farmers and consumers.


Thank you for your time.

Please Vote No on Issue 2! Keep Liberty to farm without Government Control!