"Jesus f - - - ing Christ," read the PD today!

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 06/13/2009 - 00:23.

Today's political news is huge, as the PD is reporting on all sorts of developments with the FBI investigations of corruption in Northeast Ohio. This is getting amazing...

I'll let the PD tell you the story, which brings in lots of new high level people, like the Mayor of Parma and clearly the top people at K&D, among a cast of 1,000s.

Jeff Buster and I were just discussing that the top people at K&D must be involved and here we see the bribe numbers going into the six figures, which regular employees can't afford - so lots of guys and gals there appear headed to jail, and they ain't gonna be building no luxury hotel in the Breuer within the next 10-20.

So REAL COOP should take over the Ameritrust Rotunda and Breuer - our proposal is to work with Cuyahoga County on development of two massive cluster of our new economy and they own these properties. And we haven't bribed anyone.

So I definitely propose we use these properties for our initiatives before the county, including for education, offices, incubator space, public spaces, one of the only vertical farming schools in the world, and affordable live work space for people in our clusters.

I am definitely including this in our proposal to make NEO the Brightest Greenest Place on Earth.

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  Let the waves roll over us....and wash away the sins.

(and, Norm is quoting Dean DePiero...in case, anyone gets too hung up on the blasphemy...)

The construction industry

The construction industry gives gifts all the time….they really should have thought about that and the legality of it. It is so unwise to offer or accept when public funds are involved.

It comes down to contractors and suppliers and what is public needs to be a direct channel. Low cost and based on breakeven models, the current system is causal for the huge deficits. If its closed funding loops then longevity, durability and affordability are the controlling factors and wages will fall.

We cannot afford ourselves, the deficits are not waning they are multiplying….nothing has changed it is all getting worse.

The county and the city are not in debt because it is all showing up in the State and Federal budgets, it is why the FBI is here and has expanded its operations. billions in funding and no results.

Change needs to be implemented from the outside….HUGE CHANGES!

AWTED - American White Trash Economic Development

American White Trash Economic Development is exactly what the name suggests - a bunch of low class trashy white people doing trashy business for trashy friends.

Where are all these corrupt people from, where did they go to school, where did they go to college, if at all, and who do they associate with? No place and with nobody I know, thank God!

AWTED is why I live on the East Side of Cleveland, surrounded by diversity, and why I avoid the Xurbs at all times, and am glad my daughter moved from white-trashville to Austin Texas.

i know - right?

 you look on the peedee blogs and you don't see posts about these greedy stoopid white people ruining our government - lazy greedy fat white people....


Well the problem now will be


Well the problem now will be newbie’s; once the new people come in they have to get over themselves. I am serious when I say we should require all the newbie’s to have higher levels of education.

Level one or the top level must be advanced….They should be hired and not elected. The elected level should be customer service oriented and also have social skills, basically social workers. Pick the one you like best.


Experts are really experts...six sigma black belts.

The systems of tomorrow are and will be all value based, not subjective but quantitative. A highly monitored free market system. 

If people cannot understand that then they are taken off the list of prospects. Do you understand? No? then you say; ok next…

Why does the job require all these credentials? I do not understand….next.