The Journey

Submitted by lmcshane on Wed, 12/09/2009 - 20:28.

Today's long journey...had some rewards...a prayer for peace.

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Positively Cleveland

  I popped into the new visitors bureau in the old Higbee building.  It's really been transformed and it's quite beautiful.  Worth the trip downtown.  The agency is holding a wreath display/raffle today. 

Wish me luck!  I want the Arts Collinwood wreath!

Think of all the stots you could fit in here

Just like the old Higbee's days, I recall, without the commerce.

They can fire all the worthless smart people working in "tourism" here and hire a few mechanics and a teller and run a slots hall in this beautiful space... that is positively Cleveland.

What a waste of electricity... wonder how many peope are working and visiting in the Greater University Circle Living promo office, at this same time... at what costs to whom?

Disrupt IT

Hungarian Kitchen

  Also got my food fix at the Hungarian Kitchen in the Colonial Arcade food court...please somebody there...offer up the storefronts at drastically reduced prices to local artists...

Hungarian Kitchen
Colonial Market Place
530 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland OH

Healthy, hardy take-out or dine-in

Meals $6.00--entrees w/dumplings $7.50

Goulash, Schnitzel, Stuffed Cabbage, Paprikash, Soups, Cucumber Salad, and Hungarian Dessert Pancakes (Palacsinta) $1.50.   Soup is ridiculously cheap and filling $1.75.

I can vouch for the authenticity :)


  They do have a "casino" wreath, Norm...

Sad, that the leadership in NEO is following the Detroit model of "redevelopment."