Just Like Bush: Why the mainstream Left and Obama have lost credibility

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Mother Jones - Liberals have not done enough public wrestling with Massimo Calabresi and Michael Weisskopf's Time article on the ouster of White House counsel Gregory Craig. Perhaps that's because they don't want to deal with the article's troubling implications. As Kevin explains, Craig was "the White House lawyer tasked with dismantling Bush-era interrogation and detention policies. At first, Obama was on board with Craig's plans. Then, reality set in."

By "reality," Kevin presumably means "political reality." Time says that as soon as Obama's positions on Bush era torture—releasing the torture photos, for example—became politically difficult, the president jettisoned them. He did this despite the fact that he had been "prepared to accept — and had even okayed" those same positions "just weeks earlier" Read more.

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they are asking for others to step down too, Tim G.

Kevin Brady's scathing call for Timothy Geithner to step down!!! AMAZING VIDEO FOOTAGE


Knowing many are still out of work, and our dollar declines, it is a holiday season some will have a hard time with. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEiLgbBGKVk&feature=player_embedded  (Hide the decline)

 Peace, Betty



The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

Dismantle the white supremacist Republican Party

As disgusted as I am with Obama's follies and failures, the Republican Party is hardly a viable alternative.  So no thanks for the Republican video links.

In my opinion it's not even a party, but a hate group that manipulates people with low IQ's, white supremacy tendencies, religious bigotry.  It's a party for deeply-closeted self-loathing homosexuals and all around malcontents. 

The Republican Party, since the days of Reagan, has been public enemy number one to this nation and should be dismantled--deemed illegal for its complete embrace of corporate welfare, military aggression, false flag operations, hate, cynicism, hysteria, deciet and deception.

Suddenly Republicans are pissed about the economy.  Why, because it now affects white people.  But black people have been in a recession since Reagan, and truth be told, Blacks are in a full-blown Depression right now.

My dissatisfaction with Obama is based on his unkept promises, because he is not progressive enough--because he did not promptly arrest Cheney, Bush, Powell, Rice, Rumesfeld et all.

Not a single black person in congress is elected as Republican. 

In the Republican Party Blacks have to be appointed, because the racist, white base won't elect them. 

Having a Black--Michael Steele--as a figurehead changes nothing.  It's just a charade, just like the Republican Party itself...a total fraud that lacks any substance whatsoever.


Eternity calls it out...

And I agree with this view of the Republican "party"....

I really feel sorry for those that NEED to bring black or white

I really feel sorry for those that NEED to bring black or white into the debate, in order to put their thoughts out there. How on EARTH are we EVER going to get further past any race barrier if that is all that is thrown out there?

Another poster here mentioned race to me, and I let it pass. No, you are not going to get this off, her nor you if that is indeed why you think the government or any party is in the shape they are in, or the dislike, distrust and antics that the man in the W/H Obama has lost favor for. Nothing has to do with his color, it is his actions or lack of, period - HIS LIES!! He too is a puppet likeBush was.  Yet, here we have heard all this racist crap since he was 'elected' whenever anyone ever disagrees w/anything he does or says - someone suggests/ calls that person is a racist.  I see that as a ploy, a disgrace to the one throwing those insults, because they don't know any better. I pity them, is that all they got? They can't address the issue, so they attack. It does nothing to help anything, in fact, it just brings everyone, everything down, and keeps them there, IF U LET IT!

You can't lump all one party like u just did. You can't blame it on white or black. And for anyone who gets any comfort from such nonsense, I really  feel sorry for them. Climb up out of that mindset, and face the issues, period.

I could go on, but I have a feeling I'd be wasting my time. BB


The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?


PS. Ask why all the ones in power were/are lawyers?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBzUywM2ENo  see this, part 1 of two, to see the crooks, from the bottom up!!

This is a brief preview of an incomplete documentary about the abuses of America's Justice system, particularly in the family courts. See why good lawyers are disbarred when they try to speak up....start there, blaming the lawyers and judges and those who stand by and do nothing!!



 Besides the racism, the homophobia, and the corruption of our economy, there is also the misogyny. Good posting, Eternity.

Yep, true that...

And sadly, many women allow themselves to support a party that prefers them dizzy, knocked-up and dumb as bricks...you know, like Sarah Palin.



yes eternity

 truth is women can be their own worst enemy . . which can allow misogyny to flourish.

Sarah Palin as a tool, does more to divide the female vote in this country than anything else.   This has the net effect of Sarah Palin splitting the female vote and therefore women cancel themselves out.

Sheer brilliance on the Republicans' part.  Neutralizes the effect of any Hilary Clinton in galvanizing that aspect of the Democrats' voting base/potential voting base.

We are all human, and seemingly rather talk about the individual, or label or group the messenger however convenient, rather than simply considering and discussing the issues and facts.






The problem with voting

The problem with voting based on the issues and facts is that there is a party system and too often our representatives are pressured to vote according to party lines instead of based on their convictions.  Look at the stink many made when Congressman Kucinich voted against party lines when he voted no for the health bill. 

I am so not impressed by

I am so not impressed by Sarah Palin.  Not because her daughter was a pregnant teenager - but because the mom was acting more like a dizzy teen that the daughter.  She was on Oprah and it was like "oops, my daughter was doing a no no."  Teenage pregnancy is serious and nothing new and you don't just slouch it off and treat it like a bad hair day.