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Submitted by lmcshane on Sat, 05/08/2010 - 07:14.

Thanks Jeff Buster (or Norm?) for putting the photos in context.  Yesterday, students read Just a Dream by Christopher Van Allsburg.  The book helps us to contemplate yesterday, today and tomorrow.  If we plant a sapling now, we should all be so lucky to see it grow to into a mighty tree.  The flowers, above, are reminder--here today, gone tomorrow.

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Plant sex

I will be cleaning up all the babies from the silver maple sex in the neighborhood.  

I hope some of the babies survive to see another day, but most will end up in my compost pile.

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Urban Garden District

I am thrilled this year to have a garden plot at Benjamin Franklin School.  Evidently, it makes too much sense for us to repurpose existing schools and school yards in this manner.

Also--this is a reminder that the gardens at Benjamin Franklin are NOT currently
protected under Cleveland's Urban Garden District zoning provision.
  The reimagining folks need to start putting this legislation into use, if they are not, as I suspect, a bunch of frauds.

what a great venue-

what a great venue- something that is also thought of for the prpoperty around treehouse - what a great greenscape this would be for tremont--