Just joined the Ning "Social Media Club - Cleveland" social network

Submitted by marccanter on Tue, 04/07/2009 - 13:32.

As I morph from a carpetbagger into a homeboy, plant some roots and make Cleveland my home - dude - I've been trolling the Open Web looking for coolio places to join.

One of them is the social network on Ning called "Social Media Club - Cleveland".

I met George Nemeth there and learned about CoolCleveland.com.

I've been catching up on the recent Rock and Roll Hall of fame induction ceremonies - as well as finding out about media records digitizing going on at the Cleveland Clinic.

Notice how I can triangulate, connect and network between these various on-line entities?

This is what the open web is all about.

Now imagine if we could 'friend' ourselves across these disparate networks, display status in Facebook, find jobs on LinkedIn, share photos via Flickr and videos via YouTube - and have it all available in one place - on our Citizen Dashboard?


Now I just need an intro to Lebron James.


Did you know that the Cluetrain Manifesto is about to have it's 10th Anniversary?  I'll get Doc Searls, David Weinberger and Chris Locke to come to Cleveland - to talk.

Have you ever read the "World of Ends"?

Or "Small Pieces Loosely Joined?"

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Cool Cleveland

Another cool opportunity - FOSS rings

I also like the potential of 'ringing' open source sites (FOSS) - specifically.  Rings of Rings - but picture Ning Rings, Drupal Rings, etc.  The synergies that could be cultivated between like minded rings would be tremendous.  Could PA/Dashboard accomplish that function as well?  It would be very interesting.  Jenita McGowan created a very cool Ning network site, highlighted by Larua today on Facebook, for the Ohio Rail system.  I like it a lot.  Let's consider mapping out all these networks and looking for integrative opportunities.  Consider how much idea exchange and information sharing could be facilitated once you worked integration within platforms and then (perhaps People Aggregator?) interfaces between them.