Kids Say the Darndest Things.....WHEN YOU LISTEN TO THEM.....

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On my daughter's very first day of school, anxieties filled the air. She was a very special child; she was my Angel...and I had to leave her with a new teacher and room full of kids. Trust me; it was totally scary to leave her there....

Even in preschool; kids are exposed to bullies. I recall going to the school and telling the teacher that my child was refusing to return to school because one child had "hit" her. I wanted to get my hands on his parents so desperately. Then, the teacher outlined to me how this child's parents were in the middle of an ugly divorce and he was 'acting out.' Yet, she did have a talk with the child and things seemed resolved for several months. Then, later in the year; the same kid hit my child again. At that point; I went to the school and told the teacher that I wanted to meet the kids' parents immediately. She agreed to meet with his parents and notify them that I was very upset, yet she begged me to "keep the peace" and promised to work twice as hard to protect my child from such actions. I told her that if it happened again; I was calling the police. It never happened again. I understand that things happen; but kids are learning that it's okay to hurt home.

The last couple weeks have been really busy with the first two weeks of school starting, the hussle and bustle of closing out summer, and life in general... School clothes, school supplies, school registration, transportation, and much ado has kept life busy. Getting schedules worked out, reacting to new requirements at school, and reacting to stacks of paperwork are an annual requirement as a parent (and a daily requirement in some cases). Getting our children back into the momentum of completing homework, riding the school bus, and reacting to social exchanges is demanding.  By 4pm when our kids are back home from school; we hear the stories come pouring out of their mouthes about school, friends, projects, and yes-the other kids' actions around them. At the end of the day; when things settle down; we begin to hear the raw realities of what our kids deal with at school.

In today's world; countless kids have been raised to lie, steal, and cheat. There are countless bullies who violate other children with abusive practices to include using profane language, hitting other kids, and then lying to adults to protect themselves from punishment. It's absurd.

I thought about something while listening to my child this week....What kind of parents raise their kids to get away with such unacceptable acts? What kind of parents enable their children to be protected from abusive actions? What kind of parents inspire liars, thieves, and bullies? 

Moreover; what kind of parent do I need to be to protect my own child from such abusive children with supportive parents? 

I feel blessed that we had a principal who had a ZERO tolerance for such behavior historically. When a leader such as a principal has the balls to tell parents and kids of this nature exactly how "WRONG" they both are and to implement punishment and promote a healthy, safe, and enriching environment for the kids who are not "CORRUPT"...then we are making progress. But when leaders live in fear of corrupt, intimidating parents and kids; then our world is really getting ugly.

So; what's next? Do I need to enroll my child in Karate classes that teach my child techniques that she can use to protect herself? Do I change my expectations with my child and say; Hey, it's okay to lie, steal, and abuse others since they do it to others? Hey, pick the biggest one and knock them down before they can knock you down? Hey, just eat their crap and keep your mouth shut? Hey, Live in fear for the rest of your life because these goons will always be predisposed to being goons? Hey, you deserve to be violated by punks? Hey, keep the peace and don't tell the truth about social injustices you see (Turn a blind eye and deaf ear to it!).? Seriously, what do you tell a really good kid about elementary social injustices in the school systems???? 

Perhaps I'll stick with the idea that "TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT!" Stand up for what is right and do what you know is right in your heart....I know she has a good heart and will make good decisions....And I pray that I don't land in a principal's office explaining why I told her to protect herself from harmful people who are invading her personal space to violate her rights... In that event; I will have to advocate self defense.....

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Common sense classes?

So, if common sense means you are part of the corruption and that overlooking social injustices is part of survival of the fittest; perhaps I should get some help teaching common sense to my child....I guess I should begin teaching her to eat crap, look the other way, and pay to play.... so that she can survive in the future??? Perhaps I should teach her to accept social injustices and to decay without expectations? Perhaps I should just tell her to kick back, play some video games, eat some chips and loaf watching TV and hope she doesn't die of heart disease and diabetes from overeating and not exercising? Perhaps I should tell her not to pay attention to anything and be lacadaisical? Perhaps I should begin teaching her to lie and steal so that she fits in with the rest of the world out there? 

Teaching her to be a "good person" seems to be a joke these days....

I mean, isn't that common sense in today's world? 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"