King Bush III: Climate protesters brutally beaten on Obama's watch


It must have been Obama's fault. Someone jaywalked.

Obama is head of state for the ....'s biggest polluter--the US--and had just won a Nobel Peace Prize.  He can take the time to have a beer and chew the fat with a couple of guys about a squabble they had, but when people are being beat in the streets because they are protesting the injustices of the rich Western world--destroying their smaller nations with endless toxicity, Obama remains silent, even as it has been reported that HE is the prime culprit behind attempts to gut the Kyoto Protocol.

And you--Roldo--find this funny.

Did you see the toddler raising it's hands up, trying to get the police to stop beating the adult who was already beat down to the ground.

Still laughing?

Honestly, if you see no fault in Obama--he being primarily responsible for the chaos happening now in Copenhagen--because you are so busy cheerleading and giving political fellatio, it speaks not only to your lack of sensitivity, arrogance and flagrant dissrespect for human rights, but perhaps even to a corruption in your cognition.

Now is not the time to be a wise ass or to be weak in the knees for King Bush III, because you happen to fancy his oral finess and good looks. 

People are dying.  People are suffering.

The world needs real leadership, not another well-heeled dissembler.



Copenhagen will be the tipping point...



some people dont watch the videos or read the news, Eternity - but many others do.

Isn't that like...

...not balancing your checbook--when one opts to mentally "black out" life-threating local and global events?

Who has such luxury?

I'm a poor, black, artist, who's anything but hetero.  My life is at-risk every single day, so being informed is literally a matter of life and death for me.

Yet perhaps it is naive of me to think that everyone else understands or cares.

So, thanks Debra for reminding me of this cruel--some people dont watch the videos or read the news--but very true truth.


Didn't watch

No, sorry I didn't watch. Just reacting to your antics in a joking fashion.


But joy of the season to you Max and to Michelle, Barack, Sasha and Malia and all the rest of RealNEO and the world. 



Thanks Roldo, and to our Arab brothers and sisters...

...may you survive this--Ramadan--holiday season with life and limb intact.  May your children not be killed by American "friendly-fire" or land mines.  And may it be your fortune not to become a purveyor of terrorism in response to your endless grief and sorror, even as the US loots, murders and maims all that you and your people have known since the beginning of human civilization--even as a black man in America participates from the luxury of his Oval Office, in terrorist acts of every sort.

God bless the African nations struggling with the neo-colonization of their lands by US and other Western mineral, oil and gas interests, being given the nod of approval by our President.  And, God bless the Americans being poisoned to death by coal ash spills.

Oh Lord, please let it be known to the world that we are not all war mongers, that with your guidance and with the right earthly leadership, we can and will do better than this.

And let us never forget the pain and suffering of your Native American elders and siblings too.  For none of us would even be in in this place--Turtle Island--had those sacred people not been so loving and attentive, keeping this vast and wonderous land unspoilt.

There is enough.



don't forget the drones...

and Blackwater.