Knowledge Tithing - Another Thoughtful Post From Jack Ricchiuto...

Submitted by Charles Frost on Sat, 02/20/2010 - 23:07.

This is an old post from Jack Ricchiuto, but it too reminds me of REALNEO

August 28, 2002 

A survey of blogs suggests that many practice “knowledge tithing” — giving learning & resources back to the community. The generosity of time people put into journaling their experiences, insights, discoveries is amazing. But not so amazing when you consider networks like Fast Company Magazine’s global reader groups, Company Of Friends, who regularly trade learning in variations of “communities of practice.”
Information is one of those things you still have after you give it away. It is what builds communities in ways that money, land, and power cannot. It is what builds relationships among people who live in countries whose governments and economies are divided.