Phase out US nuclear plants, Fukushima

Submitted by Oldroser on Sat, 05/04/2013 - 19:37.

 I read here that the massive disaster at Fukushima was because the operator was too cheap to keep up needed repairs, and now has no incentive to clean up the disaster.

And a former US nuclear chef says we should get rid of our nuclear plants, that regulators "can't guarantee against an accident causing widespread land contamination." And that could bankrupt us.

75% of US plants have leaked, what whistleblowers have exposed, and other horrible stuff mainstream media doesn't report. Another case of short-sighted politicians doing favors for lobbyists, kicking the can down the road and thinking it will never happen here. "Nuclear power can be cheap or safe but not both," it says.

In business school, I was taught to always consider the outcome of the worst case, even if the likelihood is a small percentage. Because it could happen, people could die, you could go bankrupt (of course the US already is bankrupt, they just don't admit it.)

(I was also taught banks should be sure borrowers can afford to repay and there should be a down payment so they wouldn't walk away from the loan as they would have money invested.) 

(We also had an ethics course.)

A while back, in a comment under someone else's post, I posted links to various free downloads about what to do if this should happen. I do hope the much-too-short training for emergencies Laura posted about will identify safe places people can go to should this happen(since we abandoned bomb shelters) and let people know about them. Perry is not far away.