Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 06/28/2006 - 11:21.
Aerial Hull, Ma Vestas wind turbine

Over the last few years I have been advocating that the Cleveland School District use its bonding power to install wind turbines throughout the urban school district in a net metering program under Ohio law.   Many people would roll their eyes – Cleveland already has enough WIND in their schools and now Buster is promoting harvesting wind?!  I don’t think so….


But it really wasn’t my idea, because in Hull, Massachusetts, a small town just south of Boston on Boston Harbor, there has been a wind turbine operating at Hull High School for apx. 10 years.  That old machine produced enough electricity to offset all the electricity used in the town’s street lighting and traffic signals. 


This month Hull upgraded to a 1.8 megawatt Vestas (similar to the turbines in Bowling Green, Ohio) .   The new machine will produce enough electricity  to offset all the electrical use for all of the Hull schools.  And you can see from the aerial photo that the Hull High School (next to the turbine) is a large school structure by itself.  


All this makes a mockery of the recent endorsement of a practically useless lawn ornament turbine in front of the Great Lakes Science Center.   If the placement of the useless turbine in Cleveland is the best our philanthropic and environmental and government organizers can do, while the  little pipsqueak town of Hull, Massachusetts is together enough to put in a functioning energy producing turbine,  is there any hope for NEO?

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